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Panama Bachelor Party 2021: Best Places to Stay

You survived the pandemic – let’s party! The world is ready to let loose and everyone is itching to get back out there and travel. Panama has reopened (for the most part) and as we all readjust to the new normal the bachelor party needs to consider the change in circumstances as well. Not every place survived the year of closures and regulations have shifted some activities.

Yoo tower luxury apartment rental in Panama view

Looking at coming down to Panama? Let’s figure out the best place for your group to stay in 2021 where you want the many-room villa, the luxury apartment in the high rise on the waterfront downtown, or just want to pick the best bachelor-friendly hotel.

Casco Viejo Villas

Most groups coming down to Panama for the first time have some previous experience in places like Costa Rica where they rented a beachfront house where everyone stayed together in a compound set up. The Panama bachelor party is centered around the city which is a downtown metropolis so stand-alone house compounds are far and few between. For those groups that have their heart set on trying to replicate an experience from a different country, the villas in Casco Viejo are the route to go. Casco Viejo is the old town district of restored colonial mansions on cobblestone roads. This neighborhood is the nightlife hotspot with the highest concentration of nightclubs, restaurants, cafes, and bars so not a bad spot to be at.

There are a number of full buildings you can rent out with 9 rooms up to 16 rooms. These typically are rented out by room/ apartment suite so these do need to be reserved farther in advance to secure the entire building. These are typically apart-suites and don’t have a central kitchen, but do have rooftops, pools, etc for the group to congregate. These are a great option for those that really want everyone in the single same space, but these are probably on the lower end of the luxury scale, but the location is unbeatable. Easiest way to identify these villas is to plan ahead and reach out to Your Concierge (that’s us) to show you what is available, but the going rate on these is approx. $100 per room to give you an idea about how much a full villa would cost so if you’re renting the 5 bdrm penthouse it will be $500 and if you’re renting the 15 bdrm spot then will run approx.. $1500.


In Panama City alone there are over 13,000 hotel rooms available, but not all of them are so keen on bachelor party vibes. This is where your concierge comes in handy. We have identified Hilton and the W, Riande, and Global Hotels as the most bachelor-friendly. This basically just means that with our contracts you won’t be harassed or pay anything for bringing guests back in addition to receiving corporate rates. The Sortis used to be a go-to hotel, but since reopening post-covid they have cancelled all contracts and are enforcing a guest fee of $60 per guest and increased their rates when they should be offering discounts.

Our top pick for most bachelor friendly has become the Hilton on the waterfront given the strict attitude of Sortis.

Luxury Apartments

One major thing to come on the market since the pandemic is the ability to rent a series of luxury apartments downtown in the most premier towers in the city. Now, with over 20+ units available on the downtown waterfront, it doesn’t matter how big your group is, everyone will fit and get their own personal luxury space to go back to at night (or stumble into in the morning). We have developed key relationships with the Yoo tower you’ll be surprised at the quality you’ll receive for less than a hotel stay with waterfront balconies and full amenities. Located 2 buildings down from the Hilton and Starbay casino you’ll be able to walk out your door to restaurants, bars, and the Red Lion nightclub.

Save time, money, and improve your overall experience in Panama by working with Your Concierge in Panama. As the world reopens and everyone still sifts through these muddy waters, it is best to link up with local contacts who can ensure you get the most out of the trip.

Call from USA: (786) 633-2572

Instagram: @concierge_panama

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