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Polaris Slingshot Rentals

Slingshot rental in Panama

Since no two drivers are the same, neither should be their rides.

Slingshot’s unique design and endless customization options give drivers the opportunity to create a personalized ride, choosing elements of their vehicle, complete with the style, comfort, sound, and technology options that suit their unique lifestyle.

Drivers and passengers witness every bend and twist up close. The Slingshot is designed to transform the open road into your biggest experience yet. It has a low center of gravity, an open cockpit, and three wheels that propel you forward.

If you're looking for a fun "sports car" rental to hit the streets and turn heads and stand out on the streets of Panama. Great way to spend the afternoon on the Causeway of Amador and get some great photo ops. Tours are flexible and rentals broken down by a few increment options of 15 min, 30, 1 hour, and full day. Each defined tour comes with a photographer to take videos and follow the crew for photos. Otherwise, hit the streets and cruise!

luxury sports car rentals in Panama City

✨ We have 3 packages ✨

$40 for 15 minutes

$75 for 30 min (in the amador causeway)

$120 for 1 hour (100 deposit) this option can be in the entire city of Panama.

For all day rentals from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. m. to 9 p.m. m. $350, $500 deposit, must be over 25 years old, must refuel⛽️before returning vehicle.⚠️If they are late, they will have to pay $50 for every 30 minutes late.⚠️

🛠️Vehicle specifications 🏎️

The Polaris Slingshot have a 2.0 4-cylinder engine, they do 0km to 100km in 5 secon

🚦Driving 🚘

Super easy to drive the Polaris Slingshot drives like a car the Slinshots are automatic.


All you need is a regular car license and you are of legal age for what would be package number

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