Top 3 Bachelor Friendly Hotels in Panama City, Panama 2020

You’ve probably read older articles from years ago about the top bachelor friendly hotels in Panama City, but like everything in this world, things are constantly changing. I’m here to provide an updated look at the best bachelor accommodations in Panama City, Panama for 2020/2021. I have to throw in the 2021 now in mid 2020 because chances are you won’t be visiting until 2021 with this whole coronavirus pandemic still raging.

Panama City Panama Bachelor Friendly hotel

As I did 3 years ago when I worked with Highlife Panama, I’m going to review the hotel options for downtown Panama City, Panama so you know before you go. Don’t just jump at the first option you see because there might just be hidden costs to that hotel price tag. I’m ranking the top 3 bachelor friendly hotels:

#3 Hilton on the Bay

Located on Avenida Balboa in the middle of the city, the Hilton is waterfront boasting a pool with a view. The staff is accommodating, and this is definitely a classy joint, but still party friendly with no guest fees.

Panama Hilton

Pros: there are a few excellent restaurants onsite, a great c