Top 3 Bachelor Friendly Hotels in Panama City, Panama 2020

You’ve probably read older articles from years ago about the top bachelor friendly hotels in Panama City, but like everything in this world, things are constantly changing. I’m here to provide an updated look at the best bachelor accommodations in Panama City, Panama for 2020/2021. I have to throw in the 2021 now in mid 2020 because chances are you won’t be visiting until 2021 with this whole coronavirus pandemic still raging.

As I did 3 years ago when I worked with Highlife Panama, I’m going to review the hotel options for downtown Panama City, Panama so you know before you go. Don’t just jump at the first option you see because there might just be hidden costs to that hotel price tag. I’m ranking the top 3 bachelor friendly hotels:

#3 Hilton on the Bay

Located on Avenida Balboa in the middle of the city, the Hilton is waterfront boasting a pool with a view. The staff is accommodating, and this is definitely a classy joint, but still party friendly with no guest fees.

Pros: there are a few excellent restaurants onsite, a great casino with nightclub, and a waterfront pool. The master suite is prime room to get as the party meet up space.

Cons: No penthouses available. They do have a presidential suite, but it is only for a single guest and not suitable for groups.

#2 The W Hotel

The new hotel in this list, the W has become a fan favorite of clients recently given its international notoriety. This place has become more party friendly since opening in 2018. The average day pool scene here is comfortable with sweet views situated in the middle of downtown.

Pros: the standard suites are sweet and there are a handful of rooms with balconies. The location is excellent. Guest fees have been dropped if only going upstairs.

Cons: Guest fees are hit or miss depending on how many guests you’re bringing back. The penthouse is poorly designed and only a one bedroom. There are no umbrellas around the pool, leaving it very exposed. There is no casino onsite.

#1 Sortis Marriott Signature Hotel

When it comes to ticking off the bachelor party boxes in an accommodation, Sortis takes the cake. The hotel has a Vegas style vibe with chiq design in the rooms and a number of restaurants on site for every taste. The two bedroom penthouse is the largest in town and the best space for the bachelor party meet up. It’s located in the middle of downtown with a large casino, poker room, and sportsbook.


· Best and largest penthouse

· Casino with variety (just opened a craps table)

· No guest fees when booking with YC in Panama

· Late hours club onsite


· Limited staff at hotel resulting in some late check-ins or delays

· After big parties in the penthouse the hotel doesn’t seem to replace broken glasses or chairs leading to less furniture each time I go in

Have a look at all our accommodation options when planning your next trip to Panama

When determining where to stay, whether at a hotel or rent a private villa, check in with our team at YC in Panama to give you the best rates, top tier service, and guarantee that your accommodation meets the needs of your group. Don’t forget that perk of not paying for guests to come back to your hotel if you book with Your Concierge in Panama.

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