Panama Bachelor Breakdown: Should We Book a Hotel or Villa

Panama Casa Diez Rental

Should the group stay in a hotel or rent a villa? Most groups already have one or the other set in their mind, but when it comes to Panama there some pros and cons present that are different than other locations. Maybe your group went to Costa Rica and rented a house on the beach with a chef and you want to replicate that experience. This is not Costa Rica and the experience is different. Panama City is an urban metropolis with towering skyscrapers and a colonial district with renovated mansions. Embrace the Panama experience instead of trying to recreate something you did in another place. You'll have a much more unique and enjoyable time this way.

Technically Airbnbs (short term rentals) are illegal in Panama City, but that doesn’t stop owners from renting the properties or us from teaming with these property owners to promote their properties. With over 13,000 available hotel rooms in the city you can imagine that the hotel lobby had a hand in maintaining these rental laws. We’ve rented villas and hotels alike to a hundred plus groups and based on that experience I’m going to break it down based on size of group, price, noise issues, and amenities offered.

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