Panama Escort Bars and Brothels

So you’re interested in hitting up some strip clubs or brothels in Panama. Well this article should help answer the initial questions about where to go and general pricing in addition to what to expect from each establishment.

Whether or not the focus of your trip is sex tourism you may want to just dip your toe in the water for a second just to see how it feels. The main pick up bars and/or brothels are in no particular order: La Bocatoreña, Habanos, Le Palace, La Mayor, La Gruta Azul.

Panama Escorts

La Bocatoreña

Located at the entrance of Casco Viejo next door to La Mayor, I would consider La Bocatoreña a step from it’s next door neighbor. This is the spot to check out during the day as it is where a lot of Habanos girls will work during off hours, so you could find some of the same girls, but at a fraction of the cost. If you meet a dime piece from La Bocatoreña and then see her at Habanos that night don’t expect that cheap day prices will carry over into the night. This place is not by any standard, nice, but it’s a spot to check out during the day if you are so inclined.

Pricing will run you $50-100 on site typically.


Probably the most infamous pick up bar in Panama, Habanos is the nightly go to spot. This is an open air bar where working girls swarm by the the dozens. I mean, literally, you’ll walk in and be groped and grapped at by women. It will give you a sense of role reversal. Sit back, grab some drinks and call girls over to your table to get to know them a bit. There is no motel on premise, but there is a pay by the hour behind Habanos. This option would keep the price down below $150. Once you leave site you’ll be looking at $150+