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Panama Party Bus | Panama City, Panama

Looking for the best nightlife experience? You've been to Vegas, you've been to Miami, and now it's time to head south of the border to Panama! Your dollar will definitely take you farther down here than in the US, getting more bang for your buck, but don't expect a 10 to 1 return. You will definitely find this tropical metropolis to be a fraction of the price compared to Miami or other US destinations, but for Latin America, it is a luxury destination comparatively. Operating on the US dollar and managing 5% of global trade flowing through the Panama Canal it is an international hub. So, when it comes to nightlife & gastronomy you'll be happily surprised!

Panama VIP Nightlife

The nightlife scene in Panama is divided amongst a few zones. It is best to divide your nightlife experience among a few nights to get the best experience. One night would be to bounce around Casco Viejo, the old town, where there are a plethora of bars, restaurants, rooftops, and the best clubs. This is a walkable night so need for transport services. Now, when heading downtown for the highrise bars and lounges, these are sprinkled around the city, and having transport becomes clutch. This is the night where you'll want the party bus or transport services to bounce around the city center in style going from places like Panaviera 66th floor pool bar to Diablo or over to Que Paso Ayer. If you're on a shoestring budget take taxis or uber. If you want to do it right - YC will arrange your lush group transport with drinks or a full bar, a personal host, and a chauffeur to take you only to the best spots for that night.

Panama VIP Section Nightlife

Ok - you don't want the sales pitch - fair enough, but your group wants a unique nightlife experience which is why you clicked on the title PANAMA PARTY BUS! So let's talk bus options and what that entails.

SPRINTER PARTY BUS (max capacity 16)

It really boils down to the size of your group. We are the only operators of the converted Mercedes Sprinter Party Bus with a capacity of up to 16. Got the dancing pole inside and designed the interior for a "good time" with USB charge ports for the cel. Got the stocked bar with whiskey, vodka, tequila, beer, and water so you'll never get thirsty cruising around the city. This is the best option if the group wants a good time, a really flexible schedule, and the ability to change up plans on the fly. The host and chauffeur will cater the full experience to the group. You'll have the party bus for 6 hours and typically your host will have a couple of spots queued up for the evening, but this can always be changed. There is space to invite some guests you meet along the ways to join the fun as well so no worries there - we won't be sticklers if some stowaways find their way onboard. The more the merrier.

GRANDE PARTY BUS (max capacity 45)

Ok - so the group wants the GRANDE party bus experience. We got the converted coach bus ready to go with DJ, lazer show, full bar with bartender, bathroom onboard (can be essential), and air conditioning. This is a mobile club! You'll drive around slowly through the downtown streets of Panama in full party mode. Can stop at some select locations if need be or if you got the full crew onboard then party straight through. This operation goes for 2.5 hours of straight open bar party. At the end of the 2.5 hours, your host will pull up to the main event club or lounge for the evening and get the group sorted with tables to keep the evening going. This party bus option is an event in it of itself.

Panama Party Bus


The next question is - how much? Will make it simple. The Mercedes Sprinter Party Bus is $850 and the converted Coach Bus (GRANDE Party Bus package) is $1,125 (up to 25pax and then $45 per additional person).

These are the two party bus options available in Panama City and they are in limited supply so get your group organized and let's hit the streets! Oh, and just a disclaimer, please read, this is for PANAMA CITY, PANAMA (THE COUNTRY). You would be surprised at the people who reach out to start planning everything never realizing the actually wanted Florida.