Throwing a Panama Yacht Party: Budgeting, Destinations, and Logistics

If you are looking to throw some baller style party on a yacht like a rap god or some NFL player then it’s doable in Panama. Obviously, talk is cheap and money walks so the bigger the budget the better the boat. Remember that bigger does not always equal better because you could get a mega yacht that’s 30 years old but priced the same as some 40ft Beneteau. What’s the difference? Quality!

Organizing a Panama Yacht Party

If you’re planning on or still just considering to organize a yacht party out of Panama City, Panama then there are 3 factors you should consider: (1) budget, (2) destination, (3) food, drink, and entertainment. Do not get stuck on some old fishing trawler with no booze and entertainment. Scan through this to make an informed decision for a memorable experience.


Whatever you already have set as the budget, go ahead and increase it. This is a unique experience, so if you’re going to do it you should do it right. There are three things you need to consider when you’re budgeting for the yacht party:

1. Base rate on the charter. Every charter boat in Panama comes with captain, crew, and fuel costs built into the price. What isn’t built into the price of the boat are dock fees (sometimes they’re included and sometimes not), crew tips, and loading fees if applicable. Guys on a budget tend to try and cut out everything else I’m going to write about to get the price of the charter as low as possible, but regardless you will end up spending money on everything else one way or another – it just depends on how much extra time, effort, and potentially more money do you want to spend.

2. Logistics. Think about it – you’ll need to get yourself from your hotel/villa to the marina and back (ka-ching $), you’ll need to buy food, drinks, maybe extra ice (ka-ching $), if you’re inviting some guests along for the ride you’ll need to cover their expenses (ka-ching $). All the logistics details add up quick, so plan accordingly, or let the charter broker take care of it all.