Top 3 Panama Casinos

Top Panama Casinos

Panama boasts countless casinos, but it is far from a gambling destination. Up until Jan 2020 the gambling commission of Panama was taxing all casino payouts to winners at 5.5%, which is ridiculous. You don’t see the casinos in Vegas taxing your winnings. Winning over 10k requires declaring the funds, but that’s the same everywhere. As of January the tax has been reduced down to 2% of the winnings. Anything above zero only continues to drive whales away from Panama as a gambling destination. Anyways, if you’re going to be in Panama and you want to visit the casinos then let me breakdown the top 3 casinos in Panama City:

  • Ocean Sun Casino

  • Starbay Casino

  • Sortis Casino

Ocean Sun Casino, JW Marriott hotel

Located at the JW Marriott hotel, formerly Trump International, it is a fully equipped modern casino. Not known for poker, there are a few table games, but more slots and side games than anything. The sportbook is a comfortable bar, but doubles as a dance bar on some nights. The service isn’t known for being that good, but more and more since the closure of the Veneto casino, the working girls have begun to flock to this casino bar. If you lose everything here, stop by the 66th floor pool bar for a cocktail or two to drown your sorrows as you look out over a spectacular view.

· Sportsbook – yes