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Sortis Hotel - Not Bachelor Friendly

All good things must come to an end. Like the party days of the Veneto hotel, the Sortis has fallen to a thing of the past. It had established itself as the "it" spot to stay downtown, offering a wide variety of amenities for the bachelor groups, but since reopening from covid, management has decided to cater less to these groups. Canceling all 2021 corporate contracts, Sortis will no longer fulfill contractual obligations on booking rates in addition to enforcing companion fees of $60 per guest. They have sadly joined the likes of Hard Rock hotel ($150 per guest), JW ($100 per guest), and more. What could have been waived in the past will now be enforced on all clients and groups regardless of previous arrangements. Sortis has made these decisions to change their hotel vibe and markedly reduce their client base, which will only result in a slower recovery after years of building up this brand identity as the higher end party location. As you read this, you're probably wondering where to go to then - our recommendations if the hotel route is a must for your group: the Hilton is the first go-to and our secondary choice is the W. Both of these locations have maintained their contracts and adjusted to the times to offer deals. Be sure to check in with our team to stay up to date with what's happening in Panama and get the insider news as to where to stay and where to go.

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