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Boca Chica


Lodge Stay
Mothership Stay

YC in Panama has partnered with PSFL (Panama Sport Fishing Lodge) to offer world class sport fishing off the Pacific coast of Panama. With options for staying at either the 15-room lodge or aboard one of the motherships, every package is all inclusive. This means that the gear is included, food, bar, and transport to/from the nearest airport in David, Panama (approximately 40 min flight from Panama City).  PSFL is located in Boca Chica, Panama with a fleet of two high speed fishing boats and 3 motherships we can accommodate up to 30 anglers. We can customize any trip to include a Panama City stay on either end of the trip or focus entirely on the fishing aspect with packages from 3-6 days of fishing included. From Boca Chica you'll be able to fish world renowned grounds such as Hannibal Banks, La Drones and Isla Montuosa. 


Our spacious rooms are air-conditioned, with scenic views of the water of Boca Chica and nearby islands in every room. Each room has comfortable full size beds and private bathrooms with hot showers. Every room is equipped with a flat screen television with Direct TV, as well as Internet Connection (WIFI). Room service is also available.


With a 58ft Bertram, 78ft trawler, and 110ft Broward there are different options for different group sizes. Want to wake up and be able to fish immediately without too much drive time to the fishing grounds? Book a mothership stay where you'll be anchored off of Isla Coiba with all the great all inclusive perks of the lodge, but more time for fishing. 


There are 50+ species of game fish to be caught here, and 250+ World Records have been set in Panamanian waters! ​Other than Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, and Roosterfish that are the primary sought after…a few of our more frequently caught types of fish in here at our lodge are: Mexican Barred Pargo, Amberjack, Cubera Snapper, Mullet Snapper, Jack Crevalle, Horse-eye Jack, Bluefin Trevally, Blacktip Trevally, Almaco/Silvercoat, Jack, White Tip Shark, Rainbow Runner, Wahoo, Pacific Bonito, African Pompano, Pacific/Black Snook, Pacific Barracuda.


Our lodge supplies all the tackle you will need to catch every available species.  We use only top quality reels from Shimano , Tiagra 50s and 30s , Torsa 40s and Trinidad 40s (Jigging) , Stellas 20000 and 10000 (Popping) , Rods are Shimano Taullus for heavy action , OTI Tuna Sniper for Casting and Popping , OTI Xtreme Jigging rods and Shimano Trevala rods , spooled with Momoi Blue Diamond lines , lures , Jigs , Poppers


Your meal at the lodge starts with breakfast in the morning, boxed lunch and beverages are included with your fishing adventure, and every evening we delight with our multi-course gourmet dinner upon your return to the lodge. For example, Lobster, Filet Mignon or Fresh Catch of The Day! You shall be served in the scenic water view dining room. The chef prepares various specialties, such as Banana Foster, Cherries Jubilee, fresh baked pies and bread, ceviche and many more varied as well as delectable dishes. You simply are spoiled during your stay and it is our mission to make you feel this way!


Whether staying on a mothership or at the lodge, you'll be catered to with gourmet meals, open bar, and snacks.

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