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Yacht Party in Panama | Bachelor Party | Know Before You Go

Probably one of the most pinnacle events that the bachelor party in Panama does - Yacht Party! With Panama City being located right on the Pacific Ocean most groups will take to the seas for a day of fun in the sun.

yacht party charter in Panama

What is the best destination for the yacht party?

The key destination for yacht parties is Taboga Island. Reason being - it's close to the city, so you don't have a long haul from port. There is a protected bay where you can pull in and anchor with ease. There is a beach and town where you can get off the boat, chill, and grab any additional supplies or anything else. This is the primary destination for boat parties in Panama so you'll be in good company when you pull up in your yacht, surrounded by all the other yachts doing the exact same thing. The average runtime out to the island is approx. 30-45 min depending on yacht of selection.

bachelor boat party in Panama taboga contadora

Selecting the right yacht

There are tons of options in Panama for you to pick from, but the 2 key elements that you should take into consideration are.

1) Is it a legitimate broker you are dealing with and (2) is the boat "bachelor friendly" because the last thing you want is to show up, not actually have a boat chartered for your group because the deal was too good to be true or that the boat you chartered doesn't permit parties or access to the cabins! Ask the right questions and make sure you can let loose, and get wet n' wild.

It wouldn't be a complete blog article if I didn't include a plug to promote our large fleet of available charters: With pricing from $650 to $10,000 you can definitely find a good option for your group and budget. Oh, but how do you prove that we are real - look to our instagram - we post videos of our various departures every week to the stories and showcase the promos and variety of yachts available.

bachelor yacht event party VIP in Panama

Fine Print that usually is not clear when chartering a yacht in Panama

What does this mean? You need to make sure what the charter rate includes. Pretty much none of the yachts in Panama will automatically include water, food or beverage and for some they don't even include the marina/dock fees, so be sure to get that cleared up. Almost none of the crews speak English so you need be sure if you want an English speaking host or crew member to be clear with your broker. Every single yacht will have a sound system and ice included, but won't include cups. None of the yacht charters will just have cups, plates, etc. available and not many people realize this when booking so clear it up before the booking. If you are not provided a line item invoice clearly listing out the services, time of charter, and what is all included then think twice before making that booking. You'll know it's a real broker or company if they have a RUC number and the invoice has an "S.A." listed by the company name. This means that it is a legitimate company as the "S.A." is basically the equivalent of an LLC in Panama so at least you know it's not just a street broker trying to wheel and deal. All charters in Panama for the day will end by 5 or 6pm so if you are thinking that you can just extend it into the night, think again. Be sure to get clarity on this and what additional costs would be associated with your extended charter into the evening as there are different regulations and costs associated with night charters.

Frequently Asked Questions

HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD I BOOK MY YACHT CHARTER? Yacht charters have become one of the most popular activities in Panama meaning they book up fast. See a vessel you like? Best to secure it with a deposit before someone else scoops it up. We operate on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you or your group can decide upon a your desired vessel and can make a deposit, the sooner you can rest assured.

WHAT ABOUT LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS? We have access to the largest yacht charter fleet in Panama and will always try our best to get you out on the water. When it comes to last minute bookings your first choice vessel may not always be available but we will likely be able to provide a suitable alternative. Please keep in mind that all reservations must be confirmed within 24hrs of departure in order to ensure sufficient time for preparation. We do not accept charter reservations the day of and all final payments must be cleared 24 hours prior to boarding.

HOW DO I PAY? Pretty much all yachts will require a 50% deposit to reserve any vessel. We accept MasterCard or Visa Credit Card payment online, as well as local and international money transfer. The remaining balance is due 24hrs prior to departure and can be paid in cash or any of the other options.

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE YACHT CHARTER? All yacht charters include a certified captain, all necessary permits and up to date safety equipment, marina fees covered, loading and unloading fees. Our primary point of departure is the Flamenco Marina whenever possible for our Pacific vessels. When not possible we will substitute for the most convenient alternative. All deep sea fishing charters include rods and equipment. All watersports charters include wakeboards and kneeboards upon request. If you are interested in additional services please reach out directly to add any of the following services - all at the most affordable price on the market and to the highest professional standards: Catering Solo-bartender + Alcohol package DJ Onboard entertainment



CAN WE BRING OUR OWN FOOD AND DRINK ONBOARD? Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks on board. We also offer both STANDARD and PREMIUM liquor packages as well as catering services at additional cost. The captain always reserves the right to restrict the alcohol consumption of inebriated guests if deemed necessary.

WHAT TIME DOES THE CHARTER START? Charter start times are flexible however it is always a good idea to consult with one of our sales associates to come up with the best schedule for your trip. Some trips will require earlier start times than others, and we can help you to avoid unnecessary traffic.

CAN WE MAKE SPECIAL REQUESTS LIKE CATERING, DJS, OR ADDITIONAL ENTERTAINMENT? Yes! We are here to cater to you and your group. Our team is more than happy to make your charter the best. Please note that special requests do incur an additional cost. We can help to arrange catering, DJ’s, private chef, water sports, adult entertainment, you name it. The sky is the limit!

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE CHARTER IS CANCELED DUE TO BAD WEATHER OR ANOTHER ISSUE THAT IS OUT OF MY CONTROL? If the charter is cancelled by something that is out of our control we will contact you at the earliest opportunity to either re-schedule your charter, substitute your vessel, or offer you a refund. The idea is for you to have fun on the water, so we will always try our best to come up the best solution possible.

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