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Planning a Bachelor Party to Panama City, Panama

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Panama City Skyline from Casco Viejo

Intro - Why Panama City, Panama

When it comes to international destinations in Latin America for planning a bachelor party, Panama should be a must. With a mix of jungle, beach, and city Panama has something for every type of group whether you pick Bocas del Toro or just hit up Panama City. The city is known for it’s late night party scene, with bars and clubs staying open til 4am on weekends. There is a neighborhood jammed pack with bars, nightclubs and restaurants, called Casco Viejo. The party scene is varied and you’ll find some of best nightclubs that’ll rival other great party cities. If you want to pub crawl or chill out more in casinos, you have so many options. On the alternative side there are also underground after-hours clubs that’ll go through the night til the next day. If you’re coming for a bachelor party then you’re probably more interested in the adult entertainment side of things also, which is plentiful, cheap, and Panama City is one of the best spots for this in the world.

How To Get There

Destination picked and it’s a green light on Panama City, Panama for the big last hurrah. You’ll want to book flights to Tocumen International Airport (code PTY) which is about 20 minutes outside downtown of Panama City. You can book cabs or uber for about $30, but you if want to do it style I recommend the pickup in style with a couple hot models serving beers to the guys on the ride into town in a lux Mercedes Sprinter while warming the boys up as well. This will run approximately $25 per person.

How to Get There


Things to Do

Things to Do

Daytime Bachelor Party Activities

Don’t just want to live the vampire schedule and actually experience a bit of Panama during the day? There are so many excursion options to do whether individual tickets or private group tours. If surfing or the beach is what you’re looking for then the closest and best beach to hit up will be Playa Caracol at the start of Punta Chame. At the end of the peninsula you’ll find a great spot for kite surfing and a cable wakeboard park.

YC in Panama offers a full range of private day excursions suited to the bachelor party vibe with flexible start times for the late risers and with beer provided for nearly all of them to give a hair of the dog boost for the guys on the struggle bus.

For the outdoorsy guys, you can head up to El Valle and hike the mountain to a waterfall. Don't do this if you're hungover or you will regret your decision. A decent multi-hour hike up the mountain to a waterfall and natural pool. You will scale the mountain. You will have amazing views. You will feel accomplished when you're done. You will be tired.

Want to jump into the jungle and play with monkeys. Take a small boat into the Panama Canal and cruise down through the back estuaries to scope out some wildlife and feed wild monkeys. You don't have to do anything so it's an easy activity and it's only about 45 min outside the city.

Looking for a bit more adrenaline? The group can head to the Chame canyons where you’ll have the choice of tubing down the river or just hanging out and jumping off the cliffs. My opinion - grab a floating cooler and go rafting the chill way. Let in is approximately 1 hour 30 min from the city.

Want even more adrenaline? Let’s go white water rafting down the Mamoni river. These are some grade 3 rapids during the rainy season. This is no good from Jan-June, but otherwise it's a hell of an experience. You can't go out the night before because start time is 7:30am firm.


Are you a motorhead and looking for that 4x4 action? Take some Polaris 4 seaters through the back country to a pristine jungle paradise with multiple waterfalls and natural pools where you can chill and explore. If you're not driving then grab a beer or light up and have fun. Start point is 2 hours from city in El Valle de Anton.

Take to the jungle tree tops in Gamboa and check out a new zipline course. This can easily be teamed up with the monkey island activity. It is 45 min from city.

Looking for something quick and easy around the city? Go-karting - you know what it is. Take to the track and race your buddies. Located out at the end of the Amador causeway.

Want to shoot your buddies? Paintball - shoot your friends and then get drunk afterwards or during - you do you. Open late so can team this with basically anything. Located in the city.

And I can’t forget to mention going to the Panama Canal to at least see it. It is one of those must see things to tick off the list if nothing else.

Panama day excursions for bachelor party


If you can’t get the group to decide on any single day excursion then you can always just hit the casinos. Panama City, Panama might pale in comparison to Vegas, but there are so many casinos in this town.

Up until Jan 2020 the gambling commission of Panama was taxing all casino payouts to winners at 5.5%, which is ridiculous. You don’t see the casinos in Vegas taxing your winnings. Winning over 10k requires declaring the funds, but that’s the same everywhere. As of January the tax has been reduced down to 2% of the winnings. Anything above zero only continues to drive whales away from Panama as a gambling destination. Anyways, if you’re going to be in Panama and you want to visit the casinos then let me breakdown the top 3 casinos in Panama City:

  • Ocean Sun Casino

  • Starbay Casino

  • Sortis Casino


Ocean Sun Casino is located at the JW Marriott hotel, formerly Trump International, it is a fully equipped modern casino. Not known for poker, there are a few table games, but more slots and side games than anything. The sportbook is a comfortable bar, but doubles as a dance bar on some nights. The service isn’t known for being that good, but more and more since the closure of the Veneto casino, the working girls have begun to flock to this casino bar. If you lose everything here, stop by the 66th floor pool bar for a cocktail or two to drown your sorrows as you look out over a spectacular view.

Starbay Casino is located right on the waterfront in the Hilton hotel, this is a multi-level casino that frequently hosts live bands and has a modern flashy US style casino vibe. All the main table games are on the bottom floor. There is a nightclub on the second floor. The one thing that blows me away when I’m in this casino is that they give players Sancocho (a hot chicken soup) to eat while at the slots or tables. Maybe it’s just me, but eating soup around machines or on felt tables is never a good idea, but there hasn’t been one visit where I haven’t seen this.


Maybe I’m biased, but Sortis casino hits all the boxes for me primarily because of their large sportsbook with giant screens that will show all major US sports and intl soccer matches. Plus, inside the sportsbook bar they have pool tables and shuffle board. Their poker room is open every day and has at least one table running nonstop. They recently added the only craps table I’ve seen in Panama. They’re a little slow on the free drinks when playing, but money talks so just tip and keep them coming.

casino options in Panama
Panama Nightlife

Panama Nightlife

You’re probably heading to Panama and thinking, “Where can I party that’s not surrounded by tourists? Let’s party like a local and hit the local joints?” Just like any other city, Panama is full of nightclubs and venues. You can find places playing a wide range of music from the cultural tipico, to the latest pop/hip-hop hits. You’ve probably read about or heard about a bunch of spots I’m going to list here, but that’s because they’re probably closed down. With this list, I will try to help you with deciding which one is the best to go for your vibe. Either way, if you head down to Casco Viejo you’ll be sure to find a spot the group will like. Of course, you don’t want to cross the tracks to the part of town and end up in a situation that your gringo Spanish will not get you out of.


Casa Casco​

Casa Casco is a perfect mix of antiquity divided into 5 floors, where you can enjoy 3 fabulous restaurants, a night club and a rooftop terrace with a panoramic view of the city. A new concept that brings together the best of the culinary world with the best of entertainment to offer, in one place, multiple options to enjoy evenings and special nights in Panama. This spot is located right in the heart of Casco Viejo neighborhood on Plaza Herrera.

Terraza Rooftop

A fantastic panoramic view awaits you to enjoy the high end cocktail bar to the rhythm of the best DJs in the city. Stylish design is met with the backdrop of the sea, the mountain and the city skyline to enjoy relaxing moments and fun. The music here is mostly chill but can sometimes get fast-paced. This setting is more for the relaxed night or the pre-game. But don’t be fooled, this spot can easily become the main party location. Why not relax and drink some cocktails before deciding where to culminate your night?



When the night increases in volume, they open the doors of the club on the level beneath the rooftop terrace where the force of music sets the pace of the party; a club decorated with antiquity. Just a couple floors down from the rooftop, so it’s a must stop on the way down. This club definitely has a more party vibe than it’s chill rooftop counterpart. On regular nights, you can find mostly crossover music.


Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar GastroPub, located in the old city of Panama (Casco Viejo) is the best choice to enjoy dishes that combine elements of international cuisine adapted to the local cuisine, accompanied by a wide range of cocktails, drinks, and excellent wines. During the afternoon, you can find this pub with people drinking and enjoying an excellent meal. Once the night hits, it morphs into one of the top clubs on a Thursday night. This is a wild club split between electronic music on the outdoor patio and crossover Latin and North American hits in the main area. As one of Panama’s most popular clubs, it is always packed and can sometimes be hard to get in. Lines are a hassle no matter where you’re from. A quick way to get in with no line and full VIP treatment is to contact YC in Panama for the VIP Nightlife services which gets you into various clubs, no lines, and VIP treatment.


Silo Club

Designed in the style of German underground clubs that go for days on end, Silo is tucked under the streets in a basement. Boasting primarily musical genres such as electronica it feeds to the masses of Panama which has a stronger electronic following than anything else in the club scene. SILO officially opened its doors February 2018 in Selina Casco Viejo. Lovers of electronica in Panama and local talent already have a new house where every week, good music and fun are guaranteed. SILO is located on Av. B with 12th street, in Selina Casco Viejo. This venue usually hosts shows with international bookings like the prominent DJ and producer Tigerskin (Berlin) who they brought for their opening night.


Espacio Panama

An outdoor scene, this place is way more eclectic than the previously mentioned spots. This spot has been described as more of a circus and really draws the locals for the cheaper drinks and doesn’t get stuck up with VIP sections or defining spaces. Espacio Panama offers a great amount of space, as mentioned in its name, and a vast selection of drinks and food. Many kinds of events are held here ranging from music shows to cultural events! Main nights to hit this spot up are Friday or Saturday. Here you can find any type of music unless you’re there for a specific event or theme. This place has been growing rapidly in popularity due to its decor, service, and appeal.



Chill Out Panama, the best Urban Club in Panama City where the most successful artists of the urban scene, party, and rumba are presented in one place. With activities throughout the year, Chill Out emerges as an option for young people who want to have fun, meet more people and enjoy

music. Performances of famous personalities in the local area are held regularly in Chill Out for its fun mix and meeting point. The creativity with which they organize their different events has managed to escalate. It is one of the only clubs in Panama open on Sunday from 4pm onward.






Adult Entertainment

Adult Entertainment

Whether or not the focus of your trip is sex tourism you may want to just dip your toe in the water for a second just to see how it feels. Prostitution is legal in Panama and so strip clubs aren’t a big thing here. There are a number of discreet massage parlors around town, but the main pick up bars and brothels are in no particular order: La Bocatoreña, Habanos, Le Palace, La Mayor, La Gruta Azul.



La Bocatoreña

Located at the entrance of Casco Viejo next door to La Mayor, I would consider La Bocatoreña a step from it’s next door neighbor. This is the spot to check out during the day as it is where a lot of Habanos girls will work during off hours, so you could find some of the same girls, but at a fraction of the cost. If you meet a dime piece from La Bocatoreña and then see her at Habanos that night don’t expect that cheap day prices will carry over into the night. This place is not by any standard, nice, but it’s a spot to check out during the day if you are so inclined.

Pricing will run you $50-100 on site typically.


Probably the most infamous pick up bar in Panama, Habanos is the nightly go to spot. This is an open air bar where working girls swarm by the the dozens. I mean, literally, you’ll walk in and be groped and grapped at by women. It will give you a sense of role reversal. Sit back, grab some drinks and call girls over to your table to get to know them a bit. There is no motel on premise, but there is a pay by the hour behind Habanos. This option would keep the price down below $150. Once you leave site you’ll be looking at $150+


Here, you can find a little bit of everything for everyone. Place doesn’t really open til 9pm so no point to go early. For the VIP experience at Habanos you should check out the private VIP party suites offered: read more.

Le Palace

The most high end of the establishments, all the girls are total dime pieces and dressed in matching white lingerie. Honestly, just walking through the door is quite seductive. This is a strip club by nature, but the dancing sucks – like it’s a terrible strip club, but a great place to meet dimes. The cost to head off site is pretty steep so expect to be paying more like $300-500.

La Mayor

The oldest establishment in Panama, it’s hard to miss when you’re entering Casco Viejo. It’s the big green building on the right with the clear signage saying LA MAYOR. So I don’t recommend going here, but if you are so inclined check it out. This is where the taxi drivers will take their breaks. Pop in for 15 min for $25. Imagine what you’ll find based on that – done!

La Gruta Azul

If you’re into the BBWs then you may want to make your way to Gruta Azul. It’s considered to be on the lower end of the scale, but to each their own when it comes to taste in women. This spot isn’t downtown so you may want a host to direct you and make sure you’re sorted. This spot is also cheap like $25.

adult entertainment in Panama
Where to Eat

Where To Eat

Panama has become the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America. Being able to provide you with a vibrant city life or as a gateway to tropical escapes. Acting as the center of trade and immigration, this cocktail of cultures has given the country a laid back vibe, but plethora of culinary options.


Having so many cultures mixed together makes the food that much better. You can find almost any type of dish from Chinese, Arabian, Hindu, Vegetarian you name it! But there’s always a certain dish that people tend to always gravitate towards when they come to Panama and that is the Panamanian fare.

The flavors of the Panamanian kitchen are out of this world. I’m sure that once you get a taste of it, you’ll want to keep coming back for more. So if you're looking to eat like a local while you're here in Panama then go no further because I've put together my list of the top spots.

La Tapa del Coco

La Tapa del Coco was created by Isaac Villaverde who was born in a neighborhood called, Río Abajo. La Tapa del Coco is seen as a cultural movement that looks to exalt and unite the Afro-Panamanian community. This restaurant is located in Calle 68 Este, San Francisco and operates everyday 11AM-10PM except Sundays which closes at 8PM. Located, basically, in the heart of the city. So if you get the feeling to walk off the food you ate, it is surrounded by many other places that are worth the visit. La Tapa del Coco has a great warm, cozy vibe that allows it to be the perfect place for your family dinner or a romantic night out. They offer delicious food that appeals to both sight and taste, with a price range of about $5-20.

El Mercado de Mariscos / Seafood Market

The seafood market is located at the end of the Cinta Costera, very close to Casco Antiguo and Avenida Central (Central Avenue). Welcome to the jungle where fresh catches or the chopped off non-usable parts smell may be overwhelming, but the ceviche is great. This dynamic market offers you excellent seafood such as sea bass, tuna, snapper, octopus, shrimp, clams, squid etc.

The site has two main restaurant areas, one located in the same market building on the top floor or you hit the outdoor vendors where you'll cat called to get their ceviche, fried fish and national beers. The fish smell can be a little intrusive but after a few minutes you get used to it. The Market hours vary depending on your reason for going. If you are going to buy seafood, the hours are from 5AM-4PM and it is advised to go as early as possible to ensure you buy the seafood in its freshest state. Nothing worse than going, wanting to get a big fish and walking out with the smallest one!

The inside restaurant is open from 11:30AM-7PM and the outdoor vendors close at 10PM. The vibe here on those Saturday nights is amazing. You hear the music coming from all sides and people walking making their way to Casco Antiguo. This is a great place to eat since it is in between Cinta Costera and Casco Antiguo so it provides a great variety of things to do. You can stop by the market and grab some food, eat then take a walk on the beautiful Cinta Costera full of people exercising, playing, hanging out and just basically having a good time enjoying the day. Or if you’re more on the party side, you can stop by the Fish Market and get some food and beers, which runs for around $1 each, to warm up before heading into the heart of Panama’s nightlife, Casco Antiguo. In the Seafood Market the prices are very friendly so you can see the menu vary from $1-20 for a very good meal since the fish is fresh from the source.

Fonda Lo Que Hay

Fonda Lo Que Hay has a very chill and friendly vibe and very good, tasty food to accompany it! The staff makes you feel at home and make sure you have a good time. The restaurant has an industrial design style with an open plan kitchen giving it a unique look so be prepared to see people taking some pictures.


A fonda is the general name for any local basic restaurant that typicalls offers a dish or two of the day. For many, they'll have a massive menu offering everything under the sun, but don't be surpurised when you order the fettucine alfredo and the chef responds that they don't have it. So, the typical question when you walk in is not to ask for the menu, but simply ask what they have for the day. When translated, this restaurant name is "the restaurant with what there is."


This restaurant is located in Calle 12 Este in the middle of the sidewalks of Casco Antiguo. If you come here on the weekend, you can stop here to fill up before heading back out into the night. This Panamanian cuisine provides food for thousands of Panamanians and tourists alike that visit the Casco Antiguo town center. The menu is written on a chalkboard hanging on the wall so it can vary depending on the day but there is always usually 8-9 dishes to choose from all having that Panamanian flavor to it. Prices can vary from $5-30 for a delicious meal. This is the place to go for a quick meal if you find yourself venturing through Casco.The working hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 12PM-3PM & 6:30PM-10PM and it’s usually pretty busy on the weekends since it’s in the smack center of one of Panama’s best nightlife scenes.


Walking through the stone streets of Casco Antiguo, right in front of the Ministry of Government, we can find a picturesque orange facade where a “Diablico” (historical character), will always be willing to receive and welcome you. That is the prelude to enter the best native restaurant in Panama, where you will enjoy the most exquisite typical dishes and folk dances live, in a pleasant atmosphere with careful attention. As soon as you walk in, the hosts make you feel right at home.Here you can dive into an authentic taste of the Panamanian folklore since the decoration of the restaurant, even the waiter uniforms, are designed to represent the culture.


This restaurant offers shows that vary from folkloric bands to folkloric dances like the famous “Baile del Diablico.” The shows are really something to be seen. If you don’t know much about the culture, it is a perfect spot to stop by to eat and learn more about the Panamanian culture. For more information about the shows, you can visit the restaurant website for schedules. Prices here ranged from $10-$30 for a delicious meal in this loving and enticing environment. It is open everyday from 11AM-11:30PM.

Fondas/Food Trucks

Over the past couple of years, the popularity and number of food trucks has increased greatly. This is now a very popular way of eating in Panama. There are certain lots where it is a food court of food trucks with 5 or more food trucks and tables to sit with music and drinks to accompany the evening. A popular lot like this is the Urbano 67 Food Truck Park located in Calle 67 Este, San Francisco. Don’t be fooled by its appearance. This spot on the weekend gets filled up with a group of friends looking to have fun and overall a great time. Seeing as how they offer you many board and trivia games to play. They even have a projector screen hooked to a Nintendo Switch to play Mario Kart! What's better than beer, games and food with friends?


There are too many food trucks to list but some of the most popular once are: Esa Flaca Rica, Concolon Street food Cafe and The Smoke Truck. Prices here vary from truck to truck but usually can run around $5-$20. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also hit up a fonda which is basically a small street restaurant. Some have tables where you can sit and eat but some just give you your food and offer no seating place. These are popular among the working class in Panama since it’s quick, cheap and pretty good. There are many fondas throughout Panama so you’ll have to experiment and see which one you feel serves you best. Fondas are much more economical so you can see prices vary from $1-$10 for a good, decent meal.



where to eat in Panama
Where to Stay

Where to Stay

Should the group stay in a hotel or rent a villa? Most groups already have one or the other set in their mind, but when it comes to Panama there some pros and cons present that are different than other locations. Maybe your group went to Costa Rica and rented a house on the beach with a chef and you want to replicate that experience. This is not Costa Rica and the experience is different. Panama City is an urban metropolis with towering skyscrapers and a colonial district with renovated mansions. Embrace the Panama experience instead of trying to recreate something you did in another place. You'll have a much more unique and enjoyable time this way.


Technically Airbnbs (short term rentals) are illegal in Panama City, but that doesn’t stop owners from renting the properties or us from teaming with these property owners to promote their properties. With over 13,000 available hotel rooms in the city you can imagine that the hotel lobby had a hand in maintaining these rental laws. We’ve rented villas and hotels alike to a hundred plus groups and based on that experience I’m going to break it down based on size of group, price, noise issues, and amenities offered.


For hotels, the main recommendations for bachelor parties are Sortis, Hilton, Waldorf, or the W. I don’t really recommend any others.


Size of the group

Given that the majority of Panama are high rise residential towers it is hard to find a stand alone house within the city limits. IF your group is dead set on a stand alone house/ mansion then expect an hour drive into downtown because that's how far away you'll begin to find these properties. The main and recommended options are located in Casco Viejo which as become the predominant nightlife district. Here, you can find apartments and villas with up to 4 bedrooms. We have deals with the building owners so you can rent out entire buildings, combining the various apartment/suite rentals inside so you can get up to 14 bedrooms. There are only about 2 or 3 properties where this is really feasible and they need to be booked with some advance notice. If you’re booking within 3 months then you’re more likely to only find fewer bedroom offerings, which means you can either sacrifice quality or go the hotel route. When it comes to larger groups of 10+ I usually recommend going the hotel route because you can guarantee privacy, space, and quality. The villa rentals or private apartments are more suitable for smaller groups of 6 or less where there is plenty of inventory to choose from.




Going the apartment/ villa will definitely be cheaper. This will run you about $40-60 per person for a decent location. If you’re looking to rent out an entire 9+ bedroom building in Casco Viejo though, the price per person will average more like $100+ per person, but compared to the 4/5 star bachelor approved hotels where you’ll be spending $150+ per person for private rooms. If you want luxury then expect to budget at least $150 per person and then sky is the limit.


Noise Issues

A common misnomer is that going the villa route is better for protecting yourself against noise complaints. In Panama, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you decide to rent an apartment (not bachelor approved) you could run into issues with the neighbors where you could end up being greeted by the cops at your door. In the hotel, the walls are built thicker and if it’s a bachelor approved hotel, they are used to this sort of thing. Also, in case you do get the noise complaint, it’ll be hotel security or reception talking to you instead of cops. If you get an entire building in Casco then you’ll be good, but renting a single apartment may not work out in your favor vs a hotel.




This goes without saying, but hotels have more included amenities. If staying at a place like the Sortis you’ll be steps away from the casino, 7 restaurants, pool, bar, nightclub, and have 24/7 room service. None of the villas automatically include services like chef or maid. These can be added at an extra service charge on top of the listed fees, so keep that in mind if just looking at base prices. Few villas have full pools. Some of the properties we promote like Casa Arias or Casa Diez have small pools while Casa Miralta has a jacuzzi on the roof. If you’re looking for a bbq at the house, the only property we have with a bbq is Los Diamantes (apt #2). If you want to be catered to with turn down service and a pool vibe then the hotel route is the way to go. If you want that extra privacy component with the home vibe/ do it yourself then go the villa route.

where to stay in Panama
When to Go

When To Go

Your trip to Panama is booked and you just checked out the weather forecast to become disappointed, most likely seeing thunderstorms for every single day you are in country. Don’t freak out and start looking into re-booking or thinking all is lost for the trip. When it comes to determining the best time of year to come to Panama, this depends on the region of Panama you want to visit. The weather patterns (rains) are different throughout the year depending on the region. For this article I’m just going to focus on Panama City. Don’t freak out if you see a forecast of rain – this is the tropics so expect rain everyday between April – December. Most likely it’ll downpour for about 30 min around 2pm and then pass. Plan around the rain, not avoid it.


If you’re looking at renting a yacht or going out into the bay of Panama to either the Pearl Islands or Taboga then don’t let the forecast stop you from doing anything. It is much drier with less precipitation out at the islands. It could be torrential downpours in the city while it is sunny and dry out at Taboga island.

To get down to the short answer for those who don’t want to read on: the best time of year to visit based on beach/pool weather is from late December to late March. These are the dry months considered Summer in Panama where the skies are clear, there is little rain, and the humidity is pushed back with offshore winds coming into the city.



The temperature varies so little throughout the year that there isn’t much to discuss. The average lows range from 75-77 degrees F and the average highs range from 86-90 degrees F. There is very little difference month to month.


Cloud Coverage


Though it may not be raining all day, I bet the overcast cloudy weather will definitely impede on the beach/pool vibe. The most clear skies will be found from late November lasting four and a half months til April. From May til beginning of November it is pretty consistently overcast about 95% of the time.




It’s going to be hot and humid year round, but August typically is the most humid while March is the least humid. The summer offshore winds tend to push the humid back into the jungle from January- May. Throughout the year though you’ll notice about 86% humidity level.

Panama weather


Panama City is comparatively inexpensive to other destinations and if compared to Vegas it is a fraction of the cost. You could live like a king in Panama on a Vegas budget. Bottles at the clubs will run you about $150.

With prostitution being legal in Panama City, you can freely engage with countless beauties. Women are their own managers and set their own prices, but on average expect to pay about $150 on the hour.

White is illegal but very accessible.  Expect to pay around $40 for a solid G of quality product.  Since this product is in close proximity to the production source, remember that a little can go a long way.

Green is illegal, accessible, but not very desirable.  Now there are some diamonds in the rough that do get some better quality buds, but expect to pay a little more for them.  The more readily available stash is less quality than what you are used to.  Expect to pay $20 for an eighth of the garden fresh or upwards of $40 for quality indoor.

Panama skyline


Panama is ranked as one of the safest countries is all of South and Central America. As long as you avoid potential red zones you shouldn't experience or see any form of crime. Throughout downtown and primary tourist zones there is a police presence and these police truly are there to assist you. You could be drunk, stumbling out of the bar at 2am talking on your cell phone with a laptop in one hand you would get home safe without incident.


Other Tips

You can also email us with your details.  We work directly with the city’s best nightlife venues, hotels, and promoters to help you arrange the best possible weekend, so that you get to spend your time partying, not trying to arrange activities.


In conclusion, Panama City is one of our favorite places to travel, period, and, like Vegas, it is ideal for bachelor parties.  There are tons of flights direct from the US and Canada, directly south of Miami by 3 hours. This is a modern metropolis with first world amenities at a fraction of the cost. There are options for the gamblers, day activities for the adrenaline junkies, and a gastronomic scene comparable with world class destinations. The adult entertainment is some of the best and legal. If I haven't convinced you yet, then I don't know what will. Com down to Panama and see it for yourself. Our crew at YC in Panama will make sure your trip is only the best without wasting time or money. 

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