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Hangover Cure IV Treatment in Panama | Hydration & Recovery (update 2023)

Panama Hangover IV Treatment

You've been out partying a little too hard and definitely on the struggle bus - get your body right through a revitalization IV treatment. Get the necessary vitamins and minerals back into your system to quickly recover and feel like a new person. Now in Panama, we can arrange for in-room delivery of high-end IV treatments direct to your hotel, apartment, or villa. We have teamed up with highly qualified doctors and nurse practitioners out of Pacifica Salud to provide this service to our clients. So before you get on that plane to go home, get your body and mind right with a hangover recovery treatment. We now offer 3 treatment options to get you back on your feet in no time (prices are in USD):

After-hour service options available - pending nurse availability - a surcharge will apply

Party Cure - Hydration


B complex (including B12 and Folate)


Vitamin C

Alkalinity blend

Volume: 500ml

Price: $195 including in-room service in Panama metro área.

Party Cure - SuperHydration


B Complex x 2 (including B12 and Folate)


Vitamin C

Alkalinity blend x 2

Volume: 1000ml

Price: $225 including in-room service in Panama metro área.

Party Cure + Liver Rescue


B complex (including B12 and Folate)


Vitamin C

Alkalinity blend

Volume: 500ml

Plus an IV Push of: Glutathione

NAC (N-Acetyl Cisteine)


Price: $289 including in-room service in Panama metro área.



Monday - Friday: 8am-6pm (after hour service available from 6pm-9pm at an additional cost of $25 pp)

Saturday: 8am-3pm (after hour service available from 3pm-9pm at an additional cost of $35 pp)

Sunday (after hour service only): available at an additional cost of $35 per person from 9am-9pm (pending availability)

If you are interested to book a session please feel free to reach out to us via whatsapp or call: +507 6559 0974

IV Drip Treatment Delivery Panama

Major Benefits of IV Drip Treatment

As your body works to process and get rid of the alcohol in your system, it produces a number of toxic by-products that can clog up your system and cause inflammation all across your body. The result is that many of your most bothersome hangover symptoms may be caused by that discomfort!

  • Inflammation is likely the cause of the sporadic aches and pains that always seem to appear the morning after a night out.

  • And unpleasant headaches from hangovers might result from nasal edema!

  • For instance, our IV therapy for hangovers contains antioxidants like Vitamin C and minerals like Zinc and Magnesium, which can boost your immune system and reduce inflammatory responses.

  • Last but not least, if need be, you can ask for an additional dose of anti-inflammatory medication in your hangover IV vitamin therapy treatment, which is likely to reduce even the most stubborn swelling!

Keep Your Breakfast Down with IV Treatment

Alcohol has a harmful effect on your health even before it is processed by your body. After all, drinking alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach and promotes the production of stomach acid in your body, which is why you feel so sick to your stomach when you wake up the next morning after a night out. Fortunately for you and your stomach, one quick hangover IV therapy session is sure to settle your stomach and let you enjoy your morning-after breakfast!

  • Increased magnesium consumption has been found in studies to reduce nausea.

  • Additionally, the water you'll get from your hangover IV therapy treatment will raise your blood pressure, which can quickly alleviate your nausea.

  • If you believe that neither of those solutions will work for your upset stomach, you may also ask for an anti-emetic pharmaceutical add-in that will undoubtedly do the trick!

Stabilize Your Blood Pressure with IV Hydration Therapy for Hangovers!

Because alcohol is a potent diuretic, it's important to drink enough of water the night before to avoid waking up the next day dangerously dehydrated.

As a result, your blood pressure will probably be out of whack, which can negatively impact a variety of biological processes that depend on the essential nutrients and supplies transported by your blood.

More specifically, low blood pressure has been associated with dizziness, exhaustion, and a lack of concentration, which makes it very difficult to concentrate on your daily to-do list. However, hangover IV hydration therapy contains all of the hydration that your body will possibly need to get your blood pumping regularly and make sure that all of your bodily systems have the resources they need to get you through the day!

Hangover Cure in Panama IV

If You're Going to Party Hard - Plan Ahead

Let's get you sorted so you don't miss a day of your vacation nursing a hangover. We will get you sorted and back out there to keep the party going. Contact us at today to plan your IV Hangover Treatment!

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