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YOO | Luxury Downtown Waterfront Apartments in Panama City | Bachelor Friendly

When planning the perfect group trip, the accommodations component always becomes a major factor and probably the first thing to get sorted other than airfare. I don't have to tell you, but picking the right spot that is in tune with what you plan to do is key to a successful group trip. Now, we all know why you're reading this blog and on this site - the bachelor friendly options! I am here to help you plan the perfect trip to Panama by avoiding any potential pitfalls or wrong bookings. Avoid the headache, avoid the issues & potential confrontations - just enjoy. As you might have guessed it - this review and article is going to discuss the YOO apartments on Avenida Balboa. This article will be positive and definitely, by the end of it I bet you'll be considering this as a primary option for your future trip. So other than our ability to guarantee no guest fees (wink wink), quality accommodations, and an amazing location let's breakdown this review into the following categories: Location, Amenities, Cost, and "the Fine Print".


Do you want to stay in the heart of the city, where the action is - great! The YOO tower is located on Avenida Balboa in the middle of the new city, two doors down from the Hilton & Starbay Casino. All two bedroom apartments have ocean facing balconies and views. You are walking distance from Calle Uruguay with a number of markets, restaurants and a few bars all within walking distance.

How far is it from Casco Viejo and the clubs in Casco - 5 min drive (no traffic)

How far is it from the Panama Canal - 15 min (no traffic)

How far is it from Habanos - 15 min walk

How far is it from the Flamenco Marina - 20 min drive

How far is it from the Intl Airport - 15/ 20 min drive

Check out the view from the apartment below


Other than every apartment having a fully equipped proper kitchen, the building comes with a full pool, bar at the pool with attendants, 3 restaurants on site (Azahar, Kiki, and Filomena); there is also a market at the back of the building. Basically, you don't have to go far for supplies or dining. Additionally, there is a gym, salon, and spa onsite so just another perk to being at the YOO.

There is valet parking on site as well just in case that is something you need. This place might as well be a hotel, but it isn't - just a full service apartment building with multiple units available to pair together for the larger groups.


So let's break it down - how much is this amazing place going to cost? Less than a hotel actually. We currently work with the administration of the building to offer approx. 15 one bedroom units and 6 two bedroom units for short term rental. These figures are constantly changing given that the developers of the building are the ones who are actually renting out the units (those that don't sell or are between long term renters),

There are only one bedroom and two bedroom units, but if you have a group of 7 let's say, you can do 3 two bedroom un