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Working with a fleet of various aircraft and helicopters we can cater your charter experience to whatever you're looking for. Particularly, the fleet of R44 float helicopters can take you to the hard reach locations in the jungles of Panama or the archipelagos. We can accommodate varying sized groups though the groups may need to separate into smaller groups per craft. 

Given the fluctuationg price of fuel and the limitless destinations any custom charter requires a unique quotation. Just contact us directly to quote your custom charter. 

Canal & City Tour (20min) takes you out over the Panama Canal, Bridge of the Americas, back around the Amador Islands, Causeway and city skyline. Each helicopter fits 3 guests and is $450 for the whole trip. 


A Yacht Party at Taboga island off the coast of Panama during a bachelor party

Panama is the premiere bachelor party destination in Latin America. When planning a bachelor experience in Panama, we provide luxury concierge services to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We handle the airport transfers, villa or hotel accommodations, VIP nightlife out in Casco Viejo, downtown, or hooking up the private suites at Habano's. If the group is active then you'll get the best of the day excursions whether you are looking for high adrenaline or laid back drinking tours. And to top it all off, a pinnacle event like a private mansion pool party or yacht party to Taboga island will ensure the group doesn't forget this bachelor party in Panama. 

Yellowfin tuna caught at Hannibal's Bank in Panama

Ever wanted to catch a 200lb tuna or massive prize Black Marlin? You can make this fantasy a reality by coming to Panama, heading out to the Gulf of Chiriqui and fishing off the famed Hannibal's Bank, Isla Montuosa, and Islas Secas. We set you up at the Panama Sport Fishing Lodge in Boca Chica where you'll be set up with all the gear, boats, food, and drink. Just sit back, relax, and fish. You can customize this trip and fish for 3 days up to 6 days. You can couple this with an experience in Panama City.

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