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For the best private pool parties in the Republic of Panama - you found it! YC in Panama will ensure your event is not only memorable but five-star, making sure to think through all the stuff you might have thought of to plan for. This is why you leave it to the professional party planners. We currently offer 3 primary options: Royal Mansion Pool Party, Jungle Pool Party, or the Downtown Rooftop Pool Party. We can customize the experience and schedule to your group. Check out the details, photos, and videos about the different options below. Additionally, click our PDF downloadable brochures to share these with the group. 



Royal Mansion Pool party with waitstaff, in house DJ, stripper poles, and an anything goes private environment. Different pricing options whether you want bar, food, models included.

Pricing from $135 per person


  • Rental of mansion

  • 6 hour party

  • round trip transport

  • DJ

  • Bar options for open or a la carte

pool party3.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-11 at 4.01.34 PM.jpeg


Escape the city into the jungle in this private oasis set within pristine gardens, creating the perfect tropical backdrop for your private pool party. With 5 deluxe suites available, you'll dance the day into the night poolside while the DJ plays house. The bar offers a full range of artisanal cocktails with billiards, fussballs, Jacuzzis, an ANYTHING GOES vibe. 

Pricing from $183 per person


  • Rental of property

  • 8 hour party

  • round trip transport

  • DJ

  • VIP Host

  • Open Bar

  • Open BBQ

Rooftop Pool.jpg


The classiest of our pool party options – stay close to your accommodation and throw an anything goes rooftop pool party in the middle of downtown with open bar, food, bartenders, DJ, transport, your VIP host to arrange anything extra, and the option to add up to 4 loft penthouses directly connected to the pooldeck for a full private five star event. With capacity for up to 50 I’m sure we can fill your guest list up. Party day into night and make your Panama trip an epic one!

Pricing from $365 per person


  • Roundtrip group transport from hotel

  • Open Bar & Food ($2000 consumable budget)

  • DJ & host

  • Option to add up to 4 Loft Penthouses (connected to pool deck)



Party planning experts in Panama. Want to pair the private mansion pool party with another party experience? YC in Panama has years of experience in the Panama scene throwing off the best private parties. 

  • What happens if Panama goes back into lockdown?
    The health ministry has been deemed unconstitutional in declaring 100% lockdowns by the Panamanian supreme court and their powers removed. There will not be any more lockdowns so any bookings you make for the future will be secure. In case of cancelation due to issues in your country we are able to rebook at same rate for up to 1 year.
  • What is the currency in Panama?
    Panama has its own currency called the Balboa (PAB), but it's pegged to the US Dollar and there are no bills. The highest amount of the Balboa is a dollar coin. Everything above that is just USD. So US Dollars are interchangeable with the Balboa coins. There is no reason to exchange currency if you have dollars. If you have CAD or Euros then you'll need to exchange to USD.
  • Can I drink in the streets?
    Short answer, no. Panama can be a raucous party, but it's illegal to take the party to the streets. You can brown bag it if you want and you typically won't be harassed if your drink is in a disposable cup.
  • What time do bars and clubs close in Panama?
    On a regular week Sunday- Thursday the bars will close at 2am and Friday-Saturday the bars close at 4am. This only applies to bars or clubs with late night permits. Most restaurant-bars close 12am because they don't have these late night permits.
  • Is there a dress code at the clubs in Panama City?
    Definitely - dress to impress. This is a metropolitan city so the women typically wear high heels and are done up to 10. Men can't wear sandals, shorts, or hats. That is the bare minimum.
  • How far is the beach from downtown?
    There is no beach in the city, at least none you would want to go to. The closest beach is Veracruz about 20 min outside the city with light to no traffic. The Chame beaches and Coronado beaches are the next closest and much nicer which are 1 hour 10 min- 1 hour 30 min from the city.
  • Is Panama City safe for tourists?
    Short answer, yes. Panama is ranked as one of the safest countries is all of South and Central America. As long as you avoid potential red zones you shouldn't experience or see any form of crime. Throughout downtown and primary tourist zones there is a police presence and these police truly are there to assist you. You could be drunk, stumbling out of the bar at 2am talking on your cell phone with a laptop in one hand you would get home safe without incident.
  • How far is San Blas from Panama City?
    2.5 hours from the city by car to the Port of Carti 45 min by plane depending on port in San Blas
  • Can I have a yacht party in San Blas?
    This is unrealistic. You can't board a charter vessel within San Blas coupled with the arrival logistics would make this a costly and difficult party to realize. The most practical yacht party destination would be Taboga Island.
  • Is prostitution legal in Panama?
    Prostitution is not illegal in Panama. After a number of acts and retractions over time, prostitution has ultimately been left in a legal gray area allowing for the existence of brothels. Pimping is illegal in Panama. How money changes hands is what determines the legality of the act. In the case that the act is defined as illegal, the client would not be found guilty of any crime.
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