Panama City


We turn fantasy into reality

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From the moment you arrive your crew will be in good hands, not having to worry about security, walking down a wrong alley, nightlife arrangements, or anything fun while you're here in Panama. 

We have contracts with the top bachelor friendly hotels, nightlife district villas, luxury transport, excursions, and did I mention our nightlife options. Additionally, we have the best pricing and options for pool parties, mansion parties, and private party suites inside the most infamous bar in all of Panama.

Have you heard of the epic Panama yacht parties? We have a fleet of 21+ yachts with capacities from 6 to 56 so we  can meet the needs of any group. 

So don't waste your time or settle for anything but the best. We'll be your bachelor party concierge to provide you the insider information and build your itinerary, making the most of your time in Panama.

Groups kick themselves when they get here and didn't realize how much they could have saved. For example - set on a hotel and want to invite girls back - $60 per guest at reception if you don't book through us.

Get a free quote and proposed itinerary customized to your group based on the info you give us. Fill out the form (~2min) and see if our pricing works for you.



Do you want guaranteed quality and all the amentities that come with staying in a hotel, but also want the freedom to party like a rockstar without recourse? We have scoured Panama City for the best bachelor friendly hotels and have secured contracts with the 4 & 5 star hotels ensuring that you get top quality service, amenities, breakfast included, and no companion fees. 


Your group is set on a private villa or mansion - we have you covered. With approx. 6 luxury villas in the historic nightlife district of Casco Viejo have a look to see what works best for your group. We have the largest nicest villas in Panama with up to 15 bedrooms in one of them. Villas are a great option for small groups or those who are determined to have a chef and deal with no other guests. We can arrange daily maid service, chef service, you name it.



When you arrive to Panama we will make sure you are greeted in style. Opt for the VIP customs bypass and get fast tracked through the locals immigration line. Then skip customs while you wait in a lounge with drinks and snacks while airport attendants collect your luggage for you. We will be waiting for you with two or more beautiful models to give the boys a warm welcome and serve drinks on the ride into town aboard one of our luxury Mercedes Sprinters.


Whatever the group's budget we have transport options to meet it. So don't worry about having to dish out too much on this so you can save that money for other more fun activities. We use H1 vans, Hiace vans, Suburbans/Escalades, and Mercedes Sprinters.


Take to the streets, cruising around Panama City in a decked out party bus with full open bar (liquors, beer, mixers, soda, water). The DJ will be setting the ambience with lazer show and getting the party going. With A/C and bathroom onboard it'll be the best party bus experience you've ever had. We finish by pulling up to a club and setting up the tables for you so you go off the bus into the clubs right when everything is at the peak. 

As low as $45 USD per person


We will hook up the red carpet experience so you don't wait in lines or pay covers and only take you to the best spots of the night. Can make this a club hopping experience or just set the crew up right at one or two clubs. Our host will be with the group to make sure you're treated right and getting the VIP experience.

As low as $20 USD per person


We have two options for private mansion pool parties. These are set up for an anything goes experience with full discretion staff, in house DJ, and options for either food or open bar. We provide the transport to and from so just focus on having a good time. 

As low as $120 USD per person


If you have been to Panama before and done the Habanos or Le Palace experience then you missed out on our private suites above Habanos that you can rent for the night and go wild without ever leaving the premises. But before that we set the group up with open bar at the new premiere strip club of Panama, Emotions, before going to your private party suite above Habanos with bartender, unlimited mixers, pole, additional private room, whole nine yards. 

As low as $80 USD per person




We greet the group as you exit customs with a couple beautiful models who serve beers to the guys on the way into town. At night, we go big for the first night out, setting up a nice group dinner before going VIP at the best clubs of the night. 


Waking up at your leisure, we head to jungle in the afternoon to play with monkeys and then stop by the Panama Canal to take some photos you can actually send home to the family. Night two takes the group to Habanos with a private party suite.


Wake up, roll yourself into the bus and get on the boat. Party all day with your invited "guests," bbq, open bar, and DJ. 


Chill by the pool or casino til your bus arrives to take the group to the airport. Say goodbye to your new found Latin girlfriends and start planning your return trip!


When the itinerary is determined and the group is ready, we make it easy to book by offering different payment options to cater to the group.


Option 1: pay 25% down immediately and remaining balance once you arrive or

Option 2: set up a monthly payment plan to parse out the payments until you arrive. We can set up payment plans for every person in the group to make it easier on the organizer.


 A lot of what we offer is in limited stock so until you put your money where your mouth is nothing is confirmed. 

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Panama has more than a vibrant nightlife scene to offer the bachelor crew. During the day you could keep it light and easy with canal tour or jungle safari. Bigger budget - then charter a helicopter or go fishing on the Panama Canal. Looking for more adrenaline - go white water rafting, tubing through the canyons, or off roading into the jungle. There are a variety of different options. 



Considered the best part of most bachelor parties in Panama, the yacht party is the in pinnacle aspect of the trip. We have the largest fleet of vessels in Panama. To see the full fleet check it out at our affiliate company YC Yachts. We can arrange charters with open bar, bbq, transport, host, and DJ to make sure you don't have to think about anything except having an unforgettable experience.



Got something in mind that we didn't mention here? Just reach out to us and ask our PBP team to turn your fantasy into reality. It's literally our slogan!

Make the right decision and make your Panama trip one for the history books! You'll save time and money so just reach out and let us know what you're thinking. 

Frequently asked questions

Can we customize one of the pre-built packages?

Yes! The pre-builts are just an initial guide to assist in getting an idea on pricing and how everything can fit into a 4 day 3 night trip. You can customize the itinerary however you like.

Can we book just individual events or activities?

Yes - you can pick and choose what you want to do. We will provide recommendations based on what you want.

Are there companion fees at the hotels?

If you book through us then you will not be charged companion fees at the hotels. If you book the hotel on your own, regardless of what other events you book with us you will not receive our hotel benefits. To avoid girl fees then you must book the hotel through us.

Do the villas come with a chef and cleaning staff?

The base price on the villas does not include a chef or daily maid service. We can add the chef or cleaning service for additional charge. The chef costs are $30 per meal + food costs.

Are bottles included in the VIP Nightlife?

The Habanos private party suite includes 3 bottles of Johnnie Black or equivalent, but the club circuit does not include the bottles. If you book the nightlife with any form of transport then unlimited beer will be included.

Can we choose the yacht for the yacht party?

Yes - we will provide available and recommended options, but ultimately you get to choose which yacht from our fleet of 21+ vessels. The all inclusive yacht party option will also include round trip transport to the marina, open bar, bbq, host, and DJ. The yacht party is recommended 11am-5pm.

When do the bars close in Panama?

During the week the clubs close at 2am and restaurant/bars close at midnight. On the weekend the bars/clubs will close at 4am.

Can we book just the accommodations and then book activities once we arrive?

Technically, yes. You can book as little or as much as you want prior to arrival, but recognize that there is limited availability for our party events such as the private mansion pool party, yachts, party bus, and habano private party suite. If you want to have these experiences then you'll need to pre-book. Day tours or excursions vary by activity on if you need to pre-book.