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Panama City


We turn fantasy into reality

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From the moment you arrive your crew will be in good hands, not having to worry about security, walking down a wrong alley, nightlife arrangements, or anything fun while you're here in Panama. 

We have contracts with the top bachelor friendly hotels, nightlife district villas, luxury transport, excursions, and did I mention our nightlife options. Additionally, we have the best pricing and options for pool parties, mansion parties, and private party suites inside the most infamous bar in all of Panama.

Have you heard of the epic Panama yacht parties? We have a fleet of 21+ yachts with capacities from 6 to 56 so we  can meet the needs of any group. 

So don't waste your time or settle for anything but the best. We'll be your bachelor party concierge to provide you the insider information and build your itinerary, making the most of your time in Panama.

Groups kick themselves when they get here and didn't realize how much they could have saved. For example - set on a hotel and want to invite girls back - $60 per guest at reception if you don't book through us.

Get a free quote and proposed itinerary customized to your group based on the info you give us. Fill out the form (~2min) and see if our pricing works for you.



Do you want guaranteed quality and all the amentities that come with staying in a hotel, but also want the freedom to party like a rockstar without recourse? We have scoured Panama City for the best bachelor friendly hotels and have secured contracts with the 4 & 5 star hotels ensuring that you get top quality service, amenities, breakfast included, and no companion fees.