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Best Irish Pubs in Panama

When travelling the world, you almost always expect to find an Irish pub in every far-flung reach. It is one of those givens. At least everywhere I have traveled, you can always come across the local Irish bar where expats meet to imbibe. Panama is no different, but the scene has changed a bit over the years. Around the city you will find only 3. There are few other London style pubs, but I would not throw those into the same category. If you're looking for a fish and chips or scotch egg with some pints and bar talk then let's find you an Irish pub.

Irish Pub in Panama

When you are new in Panama City and looking to tie one off with some local neighborhood drunks… I mean, patrons, then check out these spots.

Paddy Mick’s

The last remaining proper Irish pub located right next to the Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal. Paddy Mick’s is on the main road, Carretera Omar Torrijos, coming from the city in Ciudad del Saber. Whether the place is bustling with people or there are just a few sitting at the bar, good ole Mick will be there to chat you up or serve a pint. I’d say that Mick’s wins for best fish and chips of the Irish pub if you’re feeling hungry after a few pints. Nearly every Friday there is live music out front where there are tons of picnic benches and distant views of the transiting vessels through the canal.


Not considered an Irish pub per say by the Irish owner Tom, but widely considered one by the local patrons who frequent this place on almost a daily basis. Murphy's is located right in front of the park on Via Argentina and nearly every guest hangs out on the patio deck making for a lively environment. They play all the main football (soccer) matches, NFL, boxing, and MMA. Other reasons that keep people drinking and hanging out is the karaoke every Friday night and the darts board – just don’t walk in front when someone is throwing. You can pretty much always show up here and make a new friend whether you want to or not.

The Shire (formerly The Blarney Stone)

Ok so this place was The Blarney Stone, most well-known Irish pub in all of Panama, til it closed down. One of the former waitresses loved it so much though, she opened up almost an identical bar in the same location but promotes it more with this fantasy fiction décor. The Shire still has that same vibe with many of the same patrons, so I decided to throw it into this list. What makes this pub stand out from the other two is the pool table inside and I would say they win for best Scotch Egg. Located down a side street in between Ave Federico Boyd and Calle Uruguay.

Next time you are in Panama and looking for a cold pint and to maybe shoot the shit with some local expats or fellow travelers look no further than your local Irish pub in Panama City.

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