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Clandestine Private Cockfights

Are you curious, horrified, or intrigued? In any case, it is an ongoing bloodsport that has existed for as long as anybody can remember and is a part of Latino culture. I'm referring to Cock Fighting, where two roosters, or cocks, enter, and one leaves either through bloody mutilation or death. Panama's government simply appears to be turning a blind eye to a practice that is both widely known and banned in most other nations.

This violent, gambling-fueled pastime has long existed in Panama's rural interior, but it has recently started to reappear closer to the nation's capital.

Stop reading now if you find this disgusting.

cockfighting in Panama City

Cockfighting Breakdown

You may not know that roosters produce their own spur here, but it is removed when they are young to stop them from naturally killing one another.

In order to give the animal its weapon back and hasten the killing process, a new artificial gaff has been developed. The bird's natural spur is never removed and is used in matches in some nations, such as India.

With razers attached to their claws or sparring talons, 2 roosters will go at it for 8 minute rounds. At the end of the round, whichever makes it out less unscathed or breathing is considered the winner. The winner will then continue fighting the next competitor and the next until they lose their reign.

cock fight in Panama

How Much Does it Cost?

For our groups wanting to participate in this, we have developed the contacts to arrange your own private clandestine night of cockfighting. In an undisclosed secure location there will be a ring with minimum 6 fighting roosters set up. This can go for a few hours or end when the group wants. This will cost $1,200 (basically $200 per rooster)and will be a minimum of 5 fights and could be many more depending on the outcome of each.

Would your group be interested in something like this?

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