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Bachelor Friendly Villa | Los Diamantes | Casco Viejo, Panama City

Step one to planning a successful group trip - locking down the ideal accommodation option that fits the group vibe. Airbnb is hit or miss and could result in some sticky situations if you don't have all the details. Probably, our main value add is sorting through the garbage to present only the quality "bachelor vetted" spots and making those relationships with the owners to permit the kind of trip you're actually trying to plan.

In our series on presenting bachelor-friendly accommodations - here, I am going to present Casa Los Diamantes. Situated right in the heart of Casco Viejo, the old town of Panama City, with tons of restaurants, bars, clubs, gift shops, and more. This is a great place to function as your base of operations for the trip.

Before breaking it down any further - to address the main question - this spot is vetted so no issues with guests and no guest fees. We got you covered.


Located right on Plaza Herrera in Casco Viejo opposite the American Trade Hotel you get awesome views of the old town, looking down the cobblestone streets, in addition, to being on a park. You're located next door to Casa Casco rooftop bar/outdoor club, and the Bluemoon Taphouse just to name what is physically next door. This spot is next to bars so that means - keep the party going!

How far is it from Casco Viejo and the clubs in Casco - walk out your door

How far is it from the Panama Canal - 10-15 min (no traffic)

How far is it from Habanos, Le Palace, Afterdark, La Colombiana- 15-20min drive

How far is it from the Flamenco Marina - 15 min drive

How far is it from the Intl Airport - approx 20-30 min drive


This colonial mansion converted into vacation rentals is comprised of 4 total separate units within the building.

Unit #1 - 3 bdrm / 3.5 bath (2x king, 1x queen)

Unit #2 - 4 bdrm / 4.5 bath (1x king, 1x queen, 1x full, 2x singles)

Unit #3 - 1bdrm / 1 bath (1x full)

Unit #4 - 4 bdrm/ 3.5 bath (2x king, 1x queen, 2x singles)

We can combo these units together depending on the needs of the group, which will result in a variable price scale which is great. #2 and #4 both have rooftop terraces with lounge chairs, tables, and a great vibe with bluetooth speaker systems to connect to.

Unit #2 has reinforced thick walls - completely soundproof. You can party all night into the next day and no one will even know. These are large units with comfortable large room