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Panama Pool Parties | Public & Private Options 2022

Coming to Panama and you're looking for a good time, obviously! But where to start? You've been to, or at least seen the Miami or Vegas pool parties, and you want that. I want to give you that - shoot, I want that, but since the pandemic shifting our understanding of group gatherings, Panama has simply not gotten back to the big group parties like this just yet. As far as Latin America is concerned, Panama is one of the most free (ie free of covid restrictions) there is.

So, looking to just buy a table or a couple spots for the group at an already lit pool party - not going to happen. They are slim and few between to bank on just showing up and joining one. If you want an epic pool party for the group then you'll have to go the private route - arranging your own. Do not sweat! This is where we come in - we are experts at this and have scoured the Panama City scene to set up 3 premium pool party venues.

1. Royal Mansion Pool Party

The classic no holds bar location, the Royal Mansion, provides for an epic party-proof venue that is equipped with stripper poles in nearly every room. Built around an indoor/outdoor pool area with retractable roof it is just as good during rainy season. It is about 30 minutes outside of the city center, with 3 primary rooms for intimate moments, a private jacuzzi area, in-house DJ, and full waitstaff. We prepare the spot so all you have to do is show up and party.

Royal Mansion Pool party includes waitstaff, in house DJ, stripper poles, and an anything goes private environment. Different pricing options whether you want bar, food, models included.

Pricing from $135 per person (minimum 12pax)


  • Rental of mansion

  • 6 hour party

  • round trip transport

  • DJ

  • Bar options for open or a la carte

Pros: Premium party location with fun design. Hours can be arranged anytime day or night.

Cons: Highly requested so need to book out months in advance. Bar options are pricey and girls will be counted (at reduced cost) for entrance, this option though cheapest starting price point becomes one of the most expensive at the end of the day.

2. Jungle Pool Party

Hidden half way between the Pacific and the Caribe, 20 minutes outside of Panama City, the Jungle pool party is setup on a private monkey reserve owned/operated by a French family that has rescued a number of the monkeys (don't put your fingers through the fence!) The pool area is set in between gorgeous tropical gardens with a roofed pool deck, elevated DJ booth, and artesanal cocktail bar. Max, their top bartender/owner will be sure to bring out the pyrotecnics. With 3 cabins dispersed throughout the grounds they set up a very private setting for your fun! Don't let this open environment fool you - this is an ANYTHING goes pool party with tons of space to get wet n' wild.

Pricing from $150 per person (minimum 12pax)


  • Rental of property

  • 8 hour party

  • round trip transport