Habanos: The Secret VIP Suites

By this point nearly every guy coming to Panama has heard of Habanos before whether they mispronounce it or misspell it, the place is infamous. Located in the heart of the downtown neighborhood Obarrio it is directly in front of the original Marriott location. In case you don’t know what this place is known for, it’s simple – a place where men go to get groped and felt up by women on the prowl. In many ways the roles reverse here, and I’ve literally seen guys not be able to handle it and walk out. It’s a pick up bar that can fill up with more than 100 working girls. It’s an open air bar on street level where you go for some drinks and to meet potential talent, but what most don’t know about Habanos are the secret VIP suites upstairs.

There is more to Habanos than meets the eye. Instead of trying to talk to different girls in the noisy main street level bar and arrange to take a number of them out of there to another party location, you have the option to just rent a private party suite on site where anything goes. We’ve talked to the management and worked out all the options with different sized suites depending on the size of the group. Each suite comes with a bartender, ice, chasers/mixers, and sound system. The larger one has a pool table and couple small private rooms. The mid sized has stripper pole stage and one small private room. You pick the music and you can just have the women from downstairs funnel through and stay to party or keep moving. Take the Habanos experience to the next level.

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