Panama Tourism Launches Oct 12: Light At The End of The Tunnel

Originally posted to Bloody Decks Sport Fishing forum by collaborator Nic Plumb.

Week of August 24th - Panama has loosened its closed border restrictions to allow international passenger flights into Tocumen International Airport but only for residents and nationals. Currently travelers are asked to prove residency before boarding their flight to Panama.

Also, the internal quarantine restrictions were positively tweaked for the people currently living and staying in Panama. Instead of being restricted to public movement for just 2 hours a day during 3 days week, the restriction was lightened to allow people to be out in public from 5am to 7pm, 3 days a week for men and the same for women. Also, certain essential industries (Hair Salons, Retail, and more construction projects) were given the green light to start operating again but under Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

These are positive and encouraging steps signaling that more changes will be done to these new restrictions in the coming weeks as Panama inches closer to opening its doors to non-residents and internal movement.

The Cabinet Council approved this Tuesday, August 25, the Updated National Reopening Plan, which is adopted based on biosafety indicators such as the rate of effective reproduction of COVID-19 cases and the capacity of beds available in the country.

September 7

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