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Top 5 Yachts to Charter | Party Boats in Panama

Panama City, Panama - tropical metropolis and hub of the country. If you are coming down with a party group for a birthday, bachelor, guys trips, family, or corporate event, getting on the water is one of the top rated activities. Given that Panama City sits on the Pacific Ocean and is home to the Panama Canal, it is surrounded by maritime activity. So make the most of your day and hit the water on a private yacht.

top 5 yacht party boats in Panama

Top Destination for Boat Party: Taboga Island

The reason why Taboga is the best rated is because of a few factors: proximity, ease of logistics, alternative options, and timeframe.

Taboga island yacht charter destination in Panama


Taboga island is only about 7 miles out from downtown Panama City, which makes it a close destination that is quick to get to. This proximity also makes for a smoother ride in the city bay, not having to go out into open waters, so the ride is typically smoother than anywhere else.

Ease of Logistics

Because the island is so close you have a wider range of yacht options, with higher capacities as well as the ability to leave later in the day and still get to the island to enjoy. For other further out destinations you need to leave early in the morning or else the trip just doesn't work.


You can easily enjoy Taboga island for half day charters so you don't need to commit 9 hours of your day to the activity.

Best Luxury Party Boat - 78' Azimut

This luxury Azimut with flybridge has been constantly updated and maintained to ensure a quality experience. With 4 cabins onboard (2 masters), and a jacuzzi on the top deck this is the ultimate entertaining vessel. With capacity for flexible capacity of 20 this vessel is fully equipped to provide the best experience at sea. Additional amenities include a retractable sun roof, fully integrated bluetooth speaker system throughout, full kitchen, and ample lounge space. At $6,850 for the day this vessel can be yours.

Panama Yacht Charter Party Boat Rentals

Best Family Party Boat - 60' Searenity

A high-capacity boat built for entertaining larger groups, it is properly designed so there is plenty of seating, dining space, full kitchen, and multiple grills to easily facilitate boat parties up to 55 passengers. The best part about this vessel are the toys - coming equipped for all charters - there is an inflatable slide off the top deck, trampoline in the water, kayaks, and paddleboards. Starting at $2,400 the price is one of the absolute best on the market.

Panama Yacht Charter Party Boat Rentals

Best Bachelor Party Yacht - 54' Carver

Come aboard the premier bachelor party boat where you ample space inside and up top to entertain guests with an open layout so you can have a DJ set up inside or on the upper deck. With 3 levels of lounge space and 2 cabins with a more "free to do as you please" attitude this vessel has become the top-rated bachelor party boat in Panama. With new flexible pricing for weekdays, it also becomes one of the best-valued vessels in the fleet, starting at $1,500 with a capacity for up to 20 guests.

Panama Yacht Charter Party Boat Rentals

Best Catamaran Party Boat - 44' Lagoon

Of the catamaran options available, the 44' Lagoon ranks as the best for day charters given its flexible capacity of 20 guests and up to 25 max in addition to the comfortable design and layout. The wide catamaran design creates for a more steady exeperience in the sea. The multi-cabin interior design, multiple coolers, grill, lounge chairs, and kayaks make this an excellent choice if choosing a catamaran. Starting at $1,900 to Taboga.

Panama Yacht Charter Party Boat Rentals

Best Small Group Yacht - 34' Sundancer

For the smaller groups of 8 or less, the 34' Sundancer is the top rated vessel on the Panama market with this outside seating design making it comfortable to chill and enjoy the day while also having some internal cabin space to go below deck. With an ample bow you can sunbathe on the front or relax off the back. Starting at $1,350 this is also a great option for small groups to go to the Pearl Islands or romantic outings.

Panama Yacht Charter Party Boat Rentals

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