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Top Restaurants in Panama City For the Group

You are hitting up Panama for only a short trip and the last thing you should be doing is wasting your time at so-so restaurants. Panama City is a gastronomic hub with some quality dining experiences. When coming with a group though, you need something that sizzles and wows, isn't too overly priced and can handle groups. At YC in Panama we have been running group trips for years and have the perfect restaurants selected for our groups that come back with awesome reviews every time.

top restaurants in Panama


An absolute must when you're in Panama with the group - Salvaje mixes flavors and atmosphere in a must see experience. With menu selections ranging from their cauliflower boom to their cobia tartare and skirt steak there is something for all dietary requirements. With interwoven shows throughout the evening your meal will sizzle with fire dancers, monkeys (humans dressed up as monkeys) hanging from the rafters and dances throughout. My personal favorite about the show component is that it doesn't distract from the meal or company as they only do one song or dance then let you go back to your meal for about 20 min before another one so it doesn't become a nonstop spectacle requiring 100% of your attention for the evening. This is a 5 star review that you need to try when in town.

Check out the menu:


Looking for a bit more seafood then Azahar is the spot. A fusion restaurant, this upscale dining experience combines local flavors with asian and seafood throughout the menu. The location is amazing, in the heart of downtown located in the YOO building on Avenida Balboa there is a great terrace where you can dine, overlooking the ocean amongst the waterfront skyline. With a group dining area as well you can the choice of indoor, outdoor, sushi bar, dealers choice. This is a great compliment for a bit lighter meal, perhaps after your yacht party.

Check out the menu:


One of only two, here in Panama City, and the other in Bal Harbor, Miami Beach, this Japanese restaurant located on the roofdeck of a downtown office building not only has an amazing ambience of indoor and outdoor dining space, but exquisite cuisine to match. Every dish is well prepared and plated without room for complaint. For the group with a bit larger budget or looking for a bit more privacy, there is a private secret bar for rent located behind a door marked "high voltage." Inside you'll find a cherry blossom tree decorated bar with vinyl turntables for where your DJ will spin the night away.

Check out the menu:


The newest spot on the scene, Furia is more about the ambience. Their food is well plated and delicious, but I would say the best thing about this spot is that it converts into a club. There is more club vibes than sit down dining depending on the night. The menu is sushi based so if you're not in the mood for light plates you'll want to pick somewhere else, but this scene has a different music selection than other clubs and definitely attracts a more Panamanian local clientele so if you're looking to mix and mingle with some locals this will be a good spot to be.


High end Mexican with a twist is the best way to describe Wahaka. This place is a great place to be as it converts into a club as the night goes on, similar to the Furia vibe, but Wahaka is only good for Saturday nights. Keep this in mind when planning. They have some delicious tequilas and mezcals to mix it up. The food is enough to come and try, but wait til Saturday to give this spot a try.

Check out the menu:

So these are our top selections for your weekend in Panama City. Most likely, you won't even have enough time to visit them all, so I guess you'll just need to come back for another trip. If we were to select the line up for your trip it might look something like this: Thursday- arrival - Salvaje

Friday - Furia

Saturday - Azahar Sunday - departure

If you disagree with this line up then give us your opinion and try them all. For more ideas on planning your big Panama group trip reach out us at YC in Panama or simply follow our blog to stay up to date with whats happening.

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