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VIP Host Services in Panama | Is It Really Worth It? Know Before You Go

VIP Nightlife Host Services - is it worth it?

You've done your research and found the top spots you think are right for your group whether it's a bar, rooftop, club, or puta bar. Why would you need a VIP host, concierge, or whatever the name is, really?

Well I believe it all can be summed up in a Spanish phrase "lo barato sale caro"

Which basically means that you end up spending more when you try to go cheap. Hidden costs, time spent, or straight-up highway robbery. If you are an experienced traveler and love to just show up and wander and let the journey unfold then do it. We aren't going to convince you of anything here, so do your thing. If you are on the fence and looking for a reason as to what a "host" actually brings to the table that's a value add then let me break it down.

Panama VIP concierge host nightlife


Your host acts as security, knowing where to go, where not to go, and how to interact with the local culture. Instead of accidentally walking down the wrong road or not knowing who or where is good to go, you won't have to worry about the local security aspect of the host. You can just party, and have a good time while you have someone who has your back. In case of any issues, you have this person to act on your behalf, translate, or resolve the situation.

Panama Concierge VIP Nightlife

Protection against Scams

I've had plenty of groups who book just the yacht party, or just the accommodations, or whatever it is. They go out prowling the streets and the next day I hear the story about how they were in the club or bar and the venue tried to pull a fast one on them, racking up additional charges or girls at the bar adding a bunch to the group's bill. It always ends in a fight with management. That isn't a fun way to finish off the night, especially when you've just been enjoying yourself, a few drinks, etc. and now you have to deal with that drama. Nah! Avoid the scams, avoid the headaches, and just have a good time. The Host would know the people at each spot and in turn that means you won't be fucked with.

VIP Nightlife Services in Panama

Planning Made Easy

"I read that this place is good." Are you sure? The nightlife scene is constantly changing and new hotspots popping up. Why waste your time bouncing around just trying to find some action when you could have it all set up. Guarantee your vacation pops off instead of taking the risk of a dud. Time equals money and you only have so much on your trip so make it count. Let a local do the planning so you can just enjoy the ride.

Safe Access to Extras

Maybe you are looking to party party. Do you really want to be looking for shady taxi drivers or walking down dark alleys? You want to get robbed back at your hotel room because you decided to go cheap and grab that chick off the street corner. Why risk any of it, seriously?

If you want to work with the most professional and discrete team of VIP Nightlife Hosts in Panama then YC in Panama has you covered. With white glove chauffeur services teamed up with hosts to guarantee your nocturnal times in Panama are done right, let YC in Panama take care of your group. Give yourself peace of mind - for what breaks down to like $20 pp why not do it?

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