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Barhopping in "Crabtown" (El Cangrejo) of Panama City, Panama

Everyone talks about barhopping around Casco Viejo, but there are other zones in Panama City that boast tons of bars and just as great a vibe for your own pub crawl. Mix it up a bit and head to Crabtown. If you are looking to make your hop unique and go places where the locals go, expats go, and see the other side of the city then heading over to El Cangrejo is the way.

Best Bar Hopping Panama City

You are reading this so you are already looking for the best nightlife options in Panama and YC in Panama will hook it up. If you are one of those travelers who just want to go it alone and wander around on your own - then do it. We make sure your time in Panama is the best it can be. Our VIP Nightlife hosts ensure you don't get the runaround and don't have to worry about local spots trying to pull a fast one on you, but it's your call. Either way, we are here to make sure you make the best out of your trip.

If you are trying to do bottle service, this might not be the crawl for you, but if you want beer and cocktails then let's get into it:

Pedro Mandinga

I'd say this is the best Mojito in town. It's the artisanal rum bar you don't want to miss - serving their own house rum you can do straight sipping rums or try their top-end mojito. This is the first stop to take advantage of their happy hour - start here in the afternoon and take advantage of the discounts. This is rum heaven and the epitome of Panama style. They also serve Rana Dorada craft beer at half off so get a couple of rounds, save some money in your wallet, and let's hit the next spot.

Pedro Mandinga Pub Crawl Panama

Rana Dorada

The original flagship bar of the craft brewery, Rana Dorada, has a wide range of beers, house seltzers, and a full bar so take the vibe of this working man-style pub with a huge terrace where people pour out on the sidewalk and drink in the heart of the city. Great spot for the group to get the engines revved up on a couple of rounds while the night gets going.

VIP Nightlife Panama Bar Crawl in Panama


The newest bar on the Via Argentina strip, Central, is the main bar representing the brewery, Central, which offers some of the best local beer you'll find in Panama. After the humidity has hit you from walking around the A/C here is pumping and there is a billiards table inside so grab the next round and hit the table. This is a bit more hip of a spot and tons of locals hit up so it'll be packed most nights, especially with their super reasonable prices regardless of happy hour.

Panama City Nightlife Bars VIP


Moving on to spot #4, you've got the buzz going - time to get a bit more rowdy. Murphy's is the premier Irish pub in Crabtown on Via Argentina. The cheapest bottle service you'll find hit the billiards table here or chill on the patio and call out the plethora of people walking by to join the party. This is the bar where everyone knows your name type of place with a bunch of regulars hanging out and friendly to talk to. Decent prices on everything and in the heart of the neighborhood you'll feel right at home.

Panama Party VIP Nightlife Bar Hopping

La Malaguena

If you've made it this far then don't stop now! This Spanish tapas bar serves cheap draft beer for like $2 and small tapas like Papas Bravas to keep the drunk down. Usually fills up on the patio but a spot where big groups just link up. Drink til they close and party on. They won't cut you off so keep the party going! From here the night is yours so either we take you down the darker path or you stumble off into the night, but one thing is for sure - you'll have made the best of Crabtown.

El Cangrejo Bar Hopping in Panama

Whether you're hitting the town on your own, with a group, or you really want to ensure you can party in Panama without concern, YC in Panama has you covered. Hit us up to help plan the best trip possible. We do the planning and set up so you can just come on vacation and enjoy.

Reach out to YC in Panama today to take advantage of our connections and party-planning services. We want you to enjoy the best of this tropical metropolis!

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