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Best Brunch Spots in Panama City, Panama

If you're in Panama City and in the mood for a delicious brunch, then you're in luck! The city is packed with great options for satisfying morning meals that will leave you feeling ready to take on the day ahead. From traditional Panamanian cuisine to modern fusion dishes, here are some of the best restaurants for brunch in Panama City.

1. Las Clementinas

Located in Casco Viejo, Las Clementinas is a beautiful boutique hotel that features a charming restaurant perfect for brunch. The menu features classic staples like eggs Benedict and pancakes, as well as more unique options like the Panamanian-style tortilla and homemade granola. The beautiful courtyard setting only adds to the experience. Located in a classic renovated colonial mansion the gardens and indoor create for a sweet ambience while getting some healthy options.

2. Dodo

For something a little more modern and creative, Dodo is the place to go. Their brunch menu features dishes like a smoked salmon Benedict with avocado hollandaise, a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, and pancakes with chocolate sauce and strawberries. Not to mention, their coffee is some of the best in the city.

3. Michael's

An American-style brunch restaurant this place specializes in breakfasts that are too big for your stomach. They've got veggie, vegan, and full-on carnivore platters. I'm big a fan of the chicken & waffles here not to mention my sweet tooth enjoys the carmelicious latte. You will need a wheelbarrow to haul your ass out of here when you're done so wear stretchy pants.

4. Sal Si Puedes

If you are downtown already then the spot to hit up is Sal Si Puedes, located inside the Bristol Hotel. This place isn't the cheapest brunch option, but they have full buffett spreads, taco bar, higher end selection of cold cuts, and sancocho (that will bring you back to life after a big night out). It is very casual, so don't let the ambience fool you. It's all you can eat so go at it!

5. Fonda Lo Que Hay

This is probably the most hip spot on this list. Designed and curated by Chef Jose, owner of Donde Jose. This Casco Viejo restaurant is located just off Plaza Herrera and is a full Panamanian fusion menu, changing on a regular basis so gotta check back in to see what's new.

Like coffee shops are to Italians, fondas are to Panamanians. The unassuming pit stations where neighbors gather after hard periods at work and proprietors nod to regulars over steaming pots of beef stew are an essential aspect of daily life. At his contemporary restaurant, José Olmedo Carles Rojas specializes in upscale renditions of classic meals, which are served in a dining room with corrugated metal walls and neon lighting that has all the energy of a cocktail lounge. Menus frequently change to highlight regional ingredients, but for good cause, a classic dish of toasted yuca with tuna carpaccio and onion ceviche is always available. There are no reservations, so expect to wait in line.

No matter which restaurant you choose, a brunch in Panama City is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and energized for the day ahead. Enjoy!

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