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Deep-Sea Fishing At Its Finest - Panama Sport Fishing Lodge

Sweat is starting to drip from my brow as my forearms send a streaking fire up my arm as I hold on tighter than I’ve ever held anything. The sun is high in the sky, gleaming bright, over the turquoise waters near Isla Coiba in the Gulf of Chiriqui. I’ve got a few hundred pounds of pure muscle on the other end of my line caught in the push and pull, trying not to be my dinner. I’ve been at this for what seems like forever, but my buddy says has only been 20 minutes.

For those of you that know this feeling, the thrill, of venturing out in the waters, hunting in a landscape inhospitable to man in hopes of catching that Hemingway sized marlin you understand me. The adrenaline gets pumping once you hear that line reel, a distinct zipping sound, signaling the fight is on. Blood starts pumping and the excitement of the catch enthralls the boat.

I had the pleasure of going out with John de la Cruz and the team at Panama Sport Fishing Lodge out of Boca Chica. The lodge was comfortable with all the amenities I’d need, but I didn’t spend much time there since the purpose here was to hit the water. Up at the crack of dawn, the dining staff had a few continental breakfast prepared and then shipped us out on our way. It was a smooth tranquil ride out to the fishing grounds.

Once we arrived at the first spot, Isla Montuosa, it wasn’t long until we had our first bite. Ended up smack dab in the middle of a school of Wahoo. They were jumping and fighting. Didn’t take long to have too much to take. It was a great start, but we weren’t after the Wahoo. We came for the big game! The crew knew exactly what we were after and where to go. We wanted our own Old Man and The Sea story, but in our version, we bring him into the boat and have proof, haha.

Flash forward to me on the bow, forearms enflamed, and so close to realizing my fishing aspirations in Panama! With a bit of crew support we were able to bring him up on deck and BOOM! 6 foot Blue Marlin. Next time I go back, hopefully we snag the famed Black Marlin.

All in all, I have to hand it to the team at Panama Sport Fishing Lodge for showing us such a good time. The food was amazing, the service top notch, and considering the price was way less than the other lodges I was looking at, I was happy the quality was not lesser as well. They offered the option to stay on their Motherships as an alternative lodging option, which was anchored off of Isla Coiba, but my budget this time around couldn’t afford it, but oh my did it look like the ultimate experience. I can’t wait to get back out there.


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Ok, so now I’m going to plug the lodge a bit because after such a great time I feel like promoting them during these tough times. We have to help the companies we love so they can make it through these pandemic times of downturn.

The lodge is quite spacious with 15 rooms and can accommodate up to 30 anglers. This is just at the lodge. The other option is to charter one of the Motherships and stay even closer to the fishing grounds. Panama Sport Fishing Lodge is an all inclusive experience so from the point you land in David you are taken care of, from transp