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VIP Customs Bypass at Tocumen International Airport, Panama

Panama VIP Airport Customs Bypass

Are you looking for the best experience possible from the moment you land in Panama?

We got you covered with our contracts arranged directly with the airport. As you exit the plane, an airport staffer will be awaiting you to escort you to immigration where they will expedite the immigration line and formalities. From there you will breeze through customs to wait in a private lounge, enjoying a cocktail or appetizer from the buffet. Here, your bags will be brought up to you and our chauffeurs can greet you as well, to assist in the final leg of arrival at your final destination.

This service is available for our clients at $85 per person. All that is required is full name, passport number and nationality, and complete flight arrival details.

Note: if booking within 24 hours of arrival the airport does charge a convenience fee of $42.80 (inclusive of tax)

VIP Airport Customs Bypass Panama

If you are interested to schedule this service for your next trip to Panama feel free to book with us at or message us directly at +507 6735 7535

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