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In-Room Professional Massage Services in Panama | Quality Massage Delivery

Probably one of the most requested services for groups or individuals in Panama is a professional massage. Relaxation brought to you. We are talking about quality professionals coming to your hotel or apartment. We are not referring to "happy ending" massages here.

professional in-room massage delivery service in Panama City, Panama

After the day out or the full night of party, the best way to help recharge is with a true quality massage. YC in Panama has teamed up with a whole crew of professional masseuses to provide delivery service of a variety of massage services:

Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour)

Deep Tissue is designed for people who are overworked, stressed or overtrained in sports.

Feeling Relaxed (1 hour)

Our favorite! A fusion of shiatsu and relaxing massage. An ideal combination to feel revitalized.

Lymphatic Massage (1 Hour)

Relaxation, detoxification, face lifting, weight loss... A perfect combination in a massage! If possible

Shiatsu Massage (1 hour)

Benefits the body and mind. It helps relax muscles and promotes perfect energy circulation.

Sport Massage (1 hour)

Sports massage is a therapy adapted to your needs that allows you to prepare the body for effort and recover after a session.

Panama Professional Massage Delivery

With enough notice we can assist in arranging up to 4 massages simultaneously for groups. We need at least 2 hours notice for typical scheduling.


All of these services are offered at $90, which includes delivery service and the 1 hour massage. This price is offered for the service area of Panama City metropolitan area (center city). Pricing may vary or not offered outside of this area.

Massage Services in Panama

Make the most of your vacation in Panama to either relax or party, but either way YC in Panama is here to assist you make sure it is the best experience in this tropical metropolis. Reach out to us today to schedule your next massage.

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