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When Are Nightclubs Reopening in Panama?

As this pandemic drags on, the wheels of society are slowly grinding forward. Since Sept 28 restaurants have been open and the bars that were smart enough to offer food have also reopened. Walking the streets of Panama, you might start to feel a semblance of normality amongst the masked faces. Bars are full and the restaurants that were able to survive the 6+ month closure have started to bounce back. The next question becomes - when will the nightclubs reopen. We receive this question constantly at YC in Panama from our incoming guests and unfortunately, at this point, the simple answer is, we don't know. We are hoping for somewhere around the New Year, but with uncertainty, there is no definite date set. With no definite date, that means the more strict "bars" remain closed such as Habanos and the like. The famed "Templo del Loco" or temple of the crazy remains closed with no set reopen date like all the others.

We wonder what the nightlife landscape will consist of once all the smoke of covid has cleared and we can honestly assess the damage. In constant communication with a number of club owners, we have our finger on the pulse of the industry and will keep you notified. For now, we can only guess and adjust our offerings as groups begin trickling in. When it comes to those seeking to make the pilgrimage to the Templo del Loco, you'll simply need to adjust your expectations and take it more in-house to holding your own private event. Need help arranging these private events when you're in town? Reach out to our team of concierges to assist you.

Want to hit up the bars that are open and arrange a pub crawl? We got you covered, so if you're itching to travel and make that Panama trip a reality, come on down and reach out to your favorite team at YC in Panama!

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