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Fun in the Jungle | ATV Tour in Panama City, Panama

So many people have asked and asked if we operate or know someone that operates an ATV tour in or around Panama City, Panama. The group went to Cancun/ Tulum or Jaco in Costa Rica and they want a similar experience. Well, we can officially announce the relaunch of ATVs around Panama City! In my head, the crowd cheers at this point as I write it. If you want to get muddy, dirty, and wet then look no further. We can ensure you'll be drenched and filthy with smiles from ear to ear. Located approximately (gotta say approximately because of traffic) 1 hr 20min from downtown Panama City, you'll head up into the cloud forest of Cerro Azul above the city. Here you'll be literally in the clouds, in a pine forest, and traverse the trails of Chagres national park.

Panama City ATV Tour

First, you'll link up with Jose, who will get everyone sorted with helmets and vehicles. You'll then hit the test track to get comfortable and make sure everyone knows how everything operates prior to taking off onto the trails.

This is a cloud forest and it is pretty consistently wet and muddy so we will put your skills to the test, but no worries, even if you've never ridden before you'll be fine. Jose will lead the group and you'll romping around for about 2 hours before finishing back at base camp. Hope you brought a change of clothes because you'll need them!

You'll be ripping down muddy hills, through ponds, and jungle - this is a must do if you're looking for some thrills. With 10 ATVs we can accommodate up to 20 passengers (if doubling up),


2pax or less - $500 total

3pax-5pax - $850

6pax - 10pax - $175 per person

Each additional person above 10pax (up to 20pax): $25 more

These prices include transport to/from hotel downtown. Other pickup locations may have additional cost depending on where.

Want to reserve? There are 3 time slots per day: 8am (pickup 6am), 11am (pickup 9am), 2:30pm (pickup 12:30pm)

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out by whatsapp or email- let's get you muddy!

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