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Party Like a Local in Panama

You’re probably heading to Panama and thinking, “Where can I party that’s not surrounded by tourists? Let’s party like a local and hit the local joints?” Just like any other city, Panama is full of nightclubs and venues. You can find places playing a wide range of music from the cultural tipico, to the latest pop/hip-hop hits. With this list, I will try to help you with deciding which one is the best to go for your vibe. Of course, you don’t want to cross the tracks to the part of town and end up in a situation that your gringo Spanish will not get you out of.

Best Nightlife in Panama

Casa Casco

Casa Casco is a perfect mix of antiquity divided into 5 floors, where you can enjoy 3 fabulous restaurants, a night club and a rooftop terrace with a panoramic view of the city. A new concept that brings together the best of the culinary world with the best of entertainment to offer, in one place, multiple options to enjoy evenings and special nights in Panama. This spot is located right in the heart of Casco Viejo neighborhood on Plaza Herrera.

Casa Casco Panama

Terraza Rooftop

A fantastic panoramic view awaits you to enjoy the high end cocktail bar to the rhythm of the best DJs in the city. Stylish design is met with the backdrop of the sea, the mountain and the city skyline to enjoy relaxing moments and fun. The music here is mostly chill but can sometimes get fast-paced. This setting is more for the relaxed night or the pre-game. But don’t be fooled, this spot can easily become the main party location. Why not relax and drink some cocktails before deciding where to culminate your night?


When the night increases in volume, they open the doors of the club on the level beneath the rooftop terrace where the force of music sets the pace of the party; a club decorated with antiquity. Just a couple floors down from the rooftop, so it’s a must stop on the way down. This club definitely has a more party vibe than it’s chill rooftop counterpart. On regular nights, you can find mostly crossover music.

Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar GastroPub, located in the old city of Panama (Casco Viejo) is the best choice to enjoy dishes that combine elements of international cuisine adapted to the local cuisine, accompanied by a wide range of cocktails, drinks, and excellent wines. During the afternoon, you can find this pub with people drinking and enjoying an excellent meal. Once the night hits, it morphs into one of the top clubs on a Thursday night. This is a wild club split between electronic music on the outdoor patio and crossover Latin and North American hits in the main area. As one of Panama’s most popular clubs, it is always packed and can sometimes be hard to get in. Lines are a hassle no matter where you’re from. A quick way to get in with no line and full VIP treatment is to contact YC in Panama for the VIP Nightlife services which gets you into various clubs, no lines, and VIP treatment.

Casa Jaguar Panama

Silo Club

Silo Club Panama

Designed in the style of German underground clubs that go for days on end, Silo is tucked under the streets in a basement. Boasting primarily musical genres such as electronica it feeds to the masses of Panama which has a stronger electronic following than anything else in the club scene. SILO officially opened its doors February 2018 in Selina Casco Viejo. Lovers of electronica in Panama and local talent already have a new house where every week, good music and fun are guaranteed. SILO is located on Av. B with 12th street, in Selina Casco Viejo. This venue usually hosts shows with international bookings like the prominent DJ and producer Tigerskin (Berlin) who they brought for their opening night.

Espacio Panama

An outdoor scene, this place is way more eclectic than the previously mentioned spots. This spot has been described as more of a circus and really draws the locals for the cheaper drinks and doesn’t get stuck up with VIP sections or defining spaces. Espacio Panama offers a great amount of space, as mentioned in its name, and a vast selection of drinks and food. Many kinds of events are held here ranging from music shows to cultural events! Main nights to hit this spot up are Friday or Saturday. Here you can find any type of music unless you’re there for a specific event or theme. This place has been growing rapidly in popularity due to its decor, service, and appeal.

Espacio Panama


Chillout Panama

Chill Out Panama, the best Urban Club in Panama City where the most successful artists of the urban scene, party, and rumba are presented in one place. With activities throughout the year, Chill Out emerges as an option for young people who want to have fun, meet more people and enjoy

music. Performances of famous personalities in the local area are held regularly in Chill Out for its fun mix and meeting point. The creativity with which they organize their different events has managed to escalate. It is one of the only clubs in Panama open on Sunday from 4pm onward.

As you can see, you can find a variety of different clubs all offering a different vibes to satisfy all tastes. Any weekend you go to any of these clubs, you’re guaranteed a good night. Which one will you be going to first?

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