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Pirate Party Boat Experience

The only party pirate ship experience available in Panama is this one. In our 110-foot Spanish Galleon, we'll set sail for the open seas for a day of sun, sand, swimming, music, and dancing.

We will depart from Panama City and go to Taboga Island, stopping there to engage in swimming, diving, and rope swinging amid our fleet of floaties toys. While some will choose to read a book or listen to music while sipping on one of our specialty drinks, some will be able to unwind and sunbathe on one of the decks.

For all types of guests, the Taboga Pirate Experience tour is enjoyable and entertaining. On the main deck, we'll have music and dancing for those who want to get into the party mood. The pirate ship is large, the music never gets too loud, and there are plenty of water games and pirate-themed entertainment for children and elderly people to keep everyone happy and entertained.

Simply said, this is the finest way to see Panama Bay, Taboga Island, and the breathtaking Pacific Ocean while you're in the city.

What's great about Black Magic for our groups is that you can just buy a ticket and hop onboard so in case you don't want the private yacht party experience or don't have the budget - doesn't matter. Buy a ticket and join all the others in full pirate mode. This vessel boasts a capacity of 159 so more than enough space for your group to get wet n' wild. The party is 6 hours and leaves from Panama City to go to Taboga island every Saturday. You need to pre-book your tickets to join the party.

There is food and drink available onboard for purchase. Not too expensive so it won't break the bank. Have a look at the menu with the link below.

  • Age: All ages!

  • Price: $45 Adults | $30 Kids (6 to 17 yrs) + Taxes

  • Duration: 6 hrs aprox.

  • Sailing Days: Every Saturday

  • Departure Pier: Balboa Yacht Club, Amador

There are special packages for open bar and setups for Bachelor Parties - so can talk to us about setting you up with those packages or can just book direct.

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