The New Nightlife | Panama City

The most frequent question we get these days is, "Is Habanos open or shut down because of Covid?" And then the questions roll in concerning where the new spots are and what's the Nightlife actually like because people hear conflicting stories about the curfews etc. I am going to break it down as best as possible to give you an updated insight into Panama City's nightlife.

Panama City Nightlife Skyline
Panama City Nightlife

What's the deal with Habanos?

Let's start with Habanos since that is the number 1 question asked. Is it open? Short answer, yes. It has definitely seen better days though. The infamous bar, notorious for its plethora of abled-bodied women looking to make "friends" for the night is pretty lackluster. On any given night it'll probably be sporting about 30% of the talent it used to hold making it appear not as attractive when driving by to