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Private Chef Services | Panama City, Panama

The gastronomic scene in Panama City, Panama is formidable with 5-star restaurants and a plethora of options to select from with pretty much any cuisine you may desire, yet still, many of our clients request private chef services. We are here to help - as Your Concierge in Panama, we are here to support any request you may have. Private chef services can be organized in your Airbnb, Vrbo, villa, home, or yacht.

Private Chef Services in Panama City, Panama

The most typical request we receive from groups is the brunch service and we have developed a set menu selection to make it easy for groups to coordinate and have high-quality private chef brunch services brought directly to you.

Feel free to download the menu and offering for brunch. From $25 per person.

Private Chef - Brunch Options
Download PDF • 1.04MB

When it comes to dinners or special events these services range from $55 per person for groups. If you are solo, but still want the private chef - no problem. Contact us directly to quote your specified meal or service. Our chefs will prepare bespoke menus to any taste based on your dietary requirements.

Catering and chef services in home, yacht Panama City, Panama

Contact YC in Panama today to arrange your private chef service. We are happy to assist for all events and group sizes. Feel free to contact us by WhatsApp or email.

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