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Weather Breakdown: When is Travelling to Panama Best?

Your trip to Panama is booked and you just checked out the weather forecast to become disappointed, most likely seeing thunderstorms for every single day you are in country. Don’t freak out and start looking into re-booking or thinking all is lost for the trip. When it comes to determining the best time of year to come to Panama, this depends on the region of Panama you want to visit. The weather patterns (rains) are different throughout the year depending on the region. For this article I’m just going to focus on Panama City. Don’t freak out if you see a forecast of rain – this is the tropics so expect rain everyday between April – December. Most likely it’ll downpour for about 30 min around 2pm and then pass. Plan around the rain, not avoid it.

If you’re looking at renting a yacht or going out into the bay of Panama to either the Pearl Islands or Taboga then don’t let the forecast stop you from doing anything. It is much drier with less precipitation out at the islands. It could be torrential downpours in the city while it is sunny and dry out at Taboga island.

Panama City clear skies

To get down to the short answer for those who don’t want to read on: the best time of year to visit based on beach/pool weather is from late December to late March. These are the dry months considered Summer in Panama where the skies are clear, there is little rain, and the humidity is pushed back with offshore winds coming into the city.


The temperature varies so little throughout the year that there isn’t much to discuss. The average lows range from 75-77 degrees F and the average highs range from 86-90 degrees F. There is very little difference month to month.

Panama Monthly Average Temperature



Cloud Coverage

Though it may not be raining all day, I bet the overcast cloudy weather will definitely impede on the beach/pool vibe. The most clear skies will be found from late November lasting four and a half months til April. From May til beginning of November it is pretty consistently overcast about 95% of the time.

Panama Cloud Coverage


It’s going to be hot and humid year round, but August typically is the most humid while March is the least humid. The summer offshore winds tend to push the humid back into the jungle from January- May. Throughout the year though you’ll notice about 86% humidity level.

Panama Average Humidity



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