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Emotions - Top Panama Nightlife Production

Dinner theater is an understatement! Emotions is by far the best production in Panama right now with 3 shows a week and constantly improving the set, effects, and costumes. When I walked into the place I was expecting some B grade burlesque show with dancers, whose facial expressions would be that of lethargic lackluster, but I was happily surprised to stumble into a spectacle with very talented performers. As I was walking in, a woman in a red dress was taking the stage and without notice was hoisted into the air on a suspended ring in which she began to perform aerial acrobatics I haven’t seen since Cirque du Soleil came to town. The show just proceeded to impress me more. Located on the 5th floor of the Mirage Casino in Obarrio, you enter through the casino and immediately take a right to the private elevators.

Emotions dinner theater burlesque club in Panama City

I had the pleasure to sit down with the general manager, Maria Paradise, to talk about the Emotions show and what’s to come. If it had to be described as anything, Maria begins, “It’s not about being stagnant, doing the same thing over and over, but what we want to bring to Panama is an adaptable dinner theater and caters to its guests… offering a little bit of everything to everyone whether you’re out for a couples night, with the boys for a bachelor party, or simply want to experience something different in Panama. We all know, Panama could use something more, especially coming out of the pandemic, people need an escape.” The show blends the styles of Copacabana, Mulan Rouge, and Vegas shows into a high value production. With 44 professional dancers, 2 of which were just contracted out to come here instead of signing on with Cirque du Soleil, the evening is more like 10 different mini shows all in one from aerial acrobatics on the ropes, rings, poles, and more. I couldn’t believe this show was just slapped together, but as Maria quickly corrected me, the performers have actually been at this, practicing for the last 2 years in preparation, using the pandemic closures to improve, practicing 6-8 hours 3 days a week. And oh man does it show! The eventual goal, as Panama and the world reopen more and more, is to get the show going 7 days a week with over 200 performers, performing a variety of shows throughout the week.

Panama strippers club dancing

To give you an idea about the scale of the production, when I was walking out of the interview, the stage crew was hauling in a full size sarcophagus for their Ancient Egypt show.

Even now, as we are still subject to MINSA regulations and a 60% capacity limit, Emotions can legally accommodate up to 128 guests. And they will happily accommodate small or large groups whether the focus is the show with dinner or just cocktails and a good time. Currently, the shows are every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 7-11pm. Beyond the main stage, there is side pole dance show and 3 VIP rooms that are quite classy with couches, dinner tables, and two-way mirrors so you can see out to the main stage, but the main dining room can’t see in. The small VIP rooms are perfect for the 2-6 guests and the large room can easily accommodate 12 guests. With flexible pricing you can make the evening an even better one with your private group for 1-4 bottles depending on the size.

Panama pole dancing strippers burlesque

So what’s to come? Maria gave me a tour around the entire floor, which is all part of Emotions – not realizing that the dinner theater only takes up ¼ of the entire space that they can utilize, they have big plans in the works for 2022. First up, is the full time dance studio being put in to allow the increasing number of dancers to practice and hone their skills for the shows, but also, it will allow aspiring artists to come learn and practice with some of the best professionals in the country. From there, the VIP karaoke lounge will open in 2022 with 2 large karaoke rooms, private bars, large screens and all the amenities for high end entertainment.

What comes next, well… is a surprise, but it’ll be like nothing before seen in Panama in the entertainment industry with high stakes poker, relaxation, and gentlemen’s entertainment on par with that of Las Vegas. I’m excited and I hope you are too.

Vegas club in Panama pole dancing and burlesque cabaret

So if you’re looking for a great night out – dinner and a show, then you definitely need to check out Emotions. With no cover charge right now, why wouldn’t you just go and check it out – no brainer!

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