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Top Villas in Panama City, Panama

If you've visited Panama before or don't even know what to expect, you will find that the city is very metropolitan, filled with skyrises. There are a few neighborhoods bordering the city center, but predominantly, you'll find high-rise apartment buildings more than anything. So, when it comes to looking for that perfect vacation rental in the city, you will be disappointed in the lack of stand-alone homes, villas, and mansions. Now, don't be alarmed, there are a number of quality accommodation options. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the best villas available in the Casco Viejo neighborhood, the center of the city's nightlife and gastronomic scene.


Casa Diez Casco Viejo Rental

Picturesque apartment and completely custom designed and equipped with swimming pool. Has private elevator access straight into the master bedroom. The perfect location to escape your life back home and experience the best of Panama with your group. This 3 level penthouse apartment has a private terrace with ocean and city views and is the main apartment within this 12 bedroom ( 8 unit) converted colonial mansion. Next door to the 5 bedroom penthouse is the 3 bedroom jr penthouse equipped with pool table in the living room. The entire building is very chic and lavish for all styles of group trips and functions. ► Living rooms: bright living room completely renovated with designer furniture and hundreds of details. It consists of a chester sofa bed model with double bed perfect for two people. 55 "TV smart tv, high speed internet, all the amenities, etc. ► Pool: incredible and luxurious pool to relax and sunbathe, it will be as if it were only for you since only three more apartments have access to it ► Kitchen: you have a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to prepare any type of food: microwave, coffee maker, toaster, kettle, stove, pans, cutlery, glassware, fridge, freezer, etc.


Casa Miralta Villa in Casco Viejo Rental
Casa Miralta Villa in Casco Viejo Rental

A 10-unit apartsuite building that lies at the center of Casco Viejo, this converted colonial mansion boasts a 3 room apartment on ground level and 9 apartment suites above, each with kitchenette, main room, and day bed areas. A cozy street level apartment the space has been converted into a well designed, full utilized three bedroom apartment. With 2 sofa beds in the living room you can fit 5 total. With a jacuzzi on the rooftop terrace you can relax on the roof with views of ocean and city. This building is amazing for the larger groups that want style, privacy, and location. Guest access Terrace: Access to the terrace with comfortable furniture to enjoy the sunsets in Panama which has a jacuzzi overlooking the sea. Laundry: It has a shared laundry area. Internet: you will enjoy wifi in all areas of the building.


Casa Arias in Casco Viejo Villa

Newest addition to the portfolio, this colonial mansion was originally the home of the second president of Panama. Since then, it has changed hands a few times and now boasts 12 spectacular rooms designed in a clean white aesthetic with palms while Burning Man decor adorns the walls. Multiple rooms have balconies looking out in different directions, whether over the water, street level, or even into the center courtyard overlooking the pool. For group gatherings, there is a massive rooftop terrace. At ground level, you can relax in the cozy pool built into the center courtyard.

We have new properties becoming available soon. If you're planning a trip to Panama for your group and don't want to do the same old boring hotel room then contact us at Your Concierge in Panama to arrange your perfect group lodging for wherever your Panama tourism might take you.

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