Best Ways to Experience the Panama Canal

This subject has been written on more than enough times and every travel company or taxi driver has their own canal tour or variation. If people don’t know anything about Panama, they have at least heard about the Panama Canal. For a lot of the boomers out there it is on the bucket list, most likely in the form of a cruise transiting the canal.

Panama Canal
Panama Canal

The thing about the canal is that there are 3 (technically 4 now with the canal expansion project) locks. There are the original two on the Pacific side, Miraflores and Pedro Miguel, in addition to the new expansion locks at the Culebra cut. On the Caribbean side there is the Gatun locks. The locks are the engineering mechanism allowing for the water elevator that is the Panama Canal. Yes, they are an engineering marvel and it is worth to see them, but there isn’t much excitement surrounding it other than to mark it off the list and say you’ve done it. Even if you’re not into engineering, going to the Panama Canal during your visit is one of those must do’s. To spice up this tourist must do I’m breaking down some different ways to experience the Panama Canal.

Miraflores Visitor Center

Miraflores Visitor Center Panama Canal

The standard go to if you just want to go see the Panama Canal and say you did it is the Miraflores visitor center 15 min from downtown Panama City. They have upgraded the center to include a full feature Imax film about the history of the canal narrated by Morgan Freeman. Any one who has seen has